FFVII: Rebirth Demo Adds New Chapter, Sending Fans To Junon

Players won’t have to wait any more for the next part of the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo to explore the Junon area.

Players have been ramping up for the release of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, and the wait has nearly come to an end. To help ease the anticipation, players now have the opportunity to explore a new segment of the early-access demo.

Recently, Square Enix surprised fans with a Demo featuring a journey through Nibelheim as Sephiroth, Cloud, and Tifa. While the short peak into gameplay was a perfect way to get excited for the rest of the release, many have been hopeful additional content might be added – and now fans can jump into new exploration-geared gameplay ahead of release.

When Will the Junon Section of the Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo Release

Naoki Hamaguchi, the game director of FF7R has announced on his Twitter/X that the second part of the demo “Dawn of a New Era in Junon” will be released “tomorrow.” Per early previews, players can expect to learn about the open-world outside of Junon, the battle systems present in these areas, and additional details about new gameplay mechanics. Fans might even bump into a baby Chocobo or two.

Currently, there isn’t an exact time window for when players can expect to access the new content for the demo. However, according to the tweet, “Tomorrow” should indicate access during February 21, 2024. Hopefully, it will drop early in the day, ensuring fans get plenty of time to jump into the new location.

Per Hamaguchi, players should definitely give the demo a go before the game releases in full to experience the gameplay and battle system. I, for one, will definitely be in that demo doing everything I can before the game comes out. Other fans are also having a positive reaction to the news with many looking forward to exploring the area to tide them over for the next week until the full version of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth launches.

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