How To Access Elden Ring Shadow Of Erdtree DLC

You’ll need to complete two things to access Shadow of Erdtree DLC.

The new expansion for Elden Ring, Shadow of Erdtree drops on June 21, 2024 (tomorrow at the time of writing). However, you’ll first need to complete a few tasks before you can set foot in the Land of Shadow. Unfortunately, there’s no option to begin the DLC in the game menu. Hence, we’ve curated this guide detailing all the steps you need to do to start the Elden Ring Shadow of Erdtree DLC.

Defeat General Radahn

Starscourge Radahn is the big boss located in the rot-infested Calid region of the Lands Between. You must activate the Radahn Festival by visiting any site of grace in the Altus Plateau.

Once the festival is active, you’ll need to reach the Redmane Castle in the southeast corner of the map. There’s a portal on the beach that you’ll activate to travel to the battlefield where you’ll face off against Radahn.

Defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood Next

Mohg, Lord of Blood is the second boss that you need to defeat in order to access the Shadow of Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring.

You’ll find him in Mohgwyn Palace located underneath Caelid. The Palace region is accessible by either the gateway teleporter of Consecrated Snowfield or by using the Pureblood Knight’s Medal given to you by White Mask Varré at the end of his questline.

Interact With the Withered Arm (Miquella’s Cocoon)

Once you defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood, you’ll see a withered arm in his Throne Room. Go towards it and interact with the Arm to start the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. That’s it, you’re ready to set out into the Land of Shadow and acquire new gear to face off deadly bosses.

The fact that you were able to face off against Radahn and Mohg really shows how well-equipped you are for the DLC difficulty. So, you don’t have to worry about any additional grind to level up to be eligible for the expansion.

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