Kaizen Codes (April 2024)

Upgrade your special abilities with the latest Kaizen codes!

Updated: April 18, 2024

We looked for the latest codes!

Kaizen is an RPG Roblox title based on the popular anime, Jujutsu Kaisen, where you start as a talented rookie who has an unusual affinity for Cursed Energy. Get ready to enjoy testing your fighting skills in fast-paced PvP battles and boss clashes.

While the game is super engaging, it can be challenging. As you level up, use every possible Kaizen code for crucial resources such as Stat Points Resets and Clan Spins, and pay attention to the details and advice from elders around the map to progress faster. If you want to test your skills in other RPG titles with many freebies, check out our Attack on Titan: Revolution codes list!

All Kaizen Codes List

Kaizen Codes (Working)

  • INVERTED_SPEAR_UPDT: Unlocks 8 Clan Spins
  • DOUBLE_MODULE: Unlocks Module Drop Chance 30 mins
  • SPEAR_DELAY_CODE: Unlocks 9 Clan Spins
  • CHECK_GAME_SHOP: Unlocks 8 Spins
  • FOURSPINS: Unlocks 4 Clan Spins
  • SUB_TO_GRIFON_GAMES_2: Unlocks Clan Spins and Module
  • BLACKFLASH_DELAY_WHOOPS: Unlocks Clan Spins and Module
  • CHRISTMAS2023: Unlocks 10 Clan Spins
  • THANKS_FOR_14_MIL: Unlocks 5 Clan Spins
  • BUG_FIX: Unlocks 25 Clan Spins and 2x EXP for 3 hours
  • TOJI_SOON: Unlocks 3 Clan Spins

Kaizen Codes (Expired)


How to Redeem Codes in Kaizen

Redeeming codes in Kaizen is a short and simple procedure. Follow the instructions below to claim your rewards right away:

  1. Launch Kaizen on Roblox.
  2. Click on the book icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Select the cogwheel icon to open Settings.
  4. Insert code in the Enter Code Here textbox in the pop-up window.
  5. Hit the green Redeem button to get your reward.

How Can You Get More Kaizen Codes?

The best way to find all Kaizen codes is to bookmark this article (CTRL+D) and check back occasionally, as we do our best to find all the working ones and put them here for easy access.

However, if you’re interested in searching for potential freebies on your own, feel free to visit the developer’s social media channels — Kaizen Discord server and Grifon Games Roblox group.

Why Are My Kaizen Codes Not Working?

Sometimes, redeeming Kaizen codes can be challenging, as the codes usually combine letters, numbers, and special characters that are hard to distinguish. That’s why we advise our readers to copy the code they want to use from our list and paste it directly into the game to avoid typos.

Also, some codes won’t work after a specific period, so try to grab them as soon as possible. Besides, if you run into an expired one, even if it’s on our Working list, let us know, and we will investigate the issue.

What Is the Kaizen Trello Link?

Since there is a lot of information about Kaizen, the developers have decided to help their most loyal fans and created the Kaizen Trello board. This resource is free to use and offers detailed information regarding quests, bosses, and various types of NPCs. Besides, there, you can discover helpful stuff about special techniques and weapons and how to use them in the most challenging battles. Feel free to visit it whenever you have any issues with this Roblox experience for more assistance.

What Is Kaizen?

Kaizen is an RPG Roblox title with an engaging story mode based on the popular manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. You aim to upgrade your hero to the Sorcerer’s level while fighting against NPCs and bosses to master fighting styles, such as Divergent Kicks and Cursed Fists. Discover different techniques and weapons, and learn about your enemies as much as possible if you want to be the one to reach the top of the leaderboard. Don’t forget to show off your skills in fast-paced PvP battles!

If you want to explore other Roblox games with many freebies obtainable by redeeming codes, visit more similar guides in our dedicated Roblox Codes section!

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