Move Over Astrology: Pokémon Fans Find PokéYears For 2024

It may be the Year of the Dragon-Types per the Zodiac, but Pokémon fans are having fun with a new formula to find your personal PokéYear.

It’s a fun day to be a Pokémon fan as a new Zodiac-style meme makes the rounds on Twitter. Get in, PokéFriends, we’re calculating our PokéYears using this exciting new formula.

All over X, users are sharing the results of a new equation that lets fans determine the theme of their current year, via the PokéDex. Essentially, it’s like a classic Zodiac theme of the year with a dash of Astrology, since you calculate this using your personal birth date and age. As an Astrology and Pokémon fan, I can’t resist getting in on the fun immediately, so we’re going to show you how to find determine whether 2024 is your Eevee or Magikarp year.

How to Find Your Pokemon Zodiac For 2024

On Twitter, Pokémon fans are opening the calculator app on their Rotom Phones to determine their current PokéYear:

How To Find Your PokéYear Zodiac Number

It’s hard to say where this meme started, as it has proliferated into several threads across Twitter, but many reposts feature this tweet from @AceTrainerLiam due to the inclusion of the formula for finding your Pokémon Zodiac: (Age + day of birth) x month of birth = your Pokémon)

Here’s how it works. You take your current age and add it to the day you were born. For instance, if you’re 31 years old and your birthday is March 17, you’d add 31+17.

Next, you take the result from that calculation (in our case, 31+17=48) and multiply it by your birth month. So for this example, we’ll take 48 multiplied by 3, giving us a result of 144.

Once you have your final number, you turn to the PokéDex to find the corresponding Pokemon, and that’s your Pokémon of the year. You can easily look this up using the Pokédex feature on the official Pokémon website.

Not to brag, but our example was me, and Pokédex #144 is none other than the Legendary bird Articuno. So, yeah, I’d say 2024 is going to be a pretty good year for me, at least until I level up to 32 and have to do some new math.

Pokémon fans are having a lot of fun sharing gifs of their results all over Twitter, with some overjoyed to learn they’re in the Year of Pikachu while others are a little skeptical of what the Year of Slowpoke has in store. I don’t know about you, but I will now be asking people what their Pokémon Sign is instead of their astrological one.

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