Palworld Player Becomes Unstoppable Wielding God-Mode Mossanda Prime

Mossanda is a bear for enemies, both with attacks and as a mount, and one players has set their Pal up to be a combat nightmare.

There are plenty of Pals out there with guns that make regular moves look like child’s play in Palworld. While Tanzee can fire an impressive barrage, and Lifmunk can become a shoulder-mounted turret, nothing these woodland creatures can cook up quite outmatches the power of a Mossanda, especially if you know what to do with it.

Players have quickly figured out that some of these Pals can be outfitted as terrifying, unstoppable beats with the right effort, and one Palworld enthusiast has taken destruction to new heights with a devastating Mossanda build.

Palworld Player Learns The Extent of Mossanda’s Attack Stat

Have you ever felt this much power?
byu/JyuVioleGrais inPalworld

Reddit user JyuVioleGrais shared their experience with Mossanda, and what happens when you breed it to have Attack-boosting Passive Skills like Hooligan and Ferocious. These Passive Skills, in addition to Lifmunk Effigy pouring of Souls, bring the Pal’s Attack stat to a whopping 1060. This makes blasts larger, more damaging, and overall more chaotic to use.

In the video shared on Reddit, the Palworld player shows Mossanda laying fields to waste as it destroyed opponents with lethal attacks. The powerful panda has escalated the player to god-tier amounts of damage.

Mossanda is a hefty Pal that is fairly common in the mid to late game of Palworld. If you’re lucky and skilled, you can even luck out by catching a Mossanda Lux when you fight them as a boss battle. Discovering Mossanda and Mossanda Lux is like discovering an end-game-oriented shotgun, because mounting this beast results in a rocket launcher that has the power of this panda behind it.

How Can I Get a Powerful Mossanda?

When it comes to boosting the Attack of a Pal, abilities like Lucky can be a great help, in addition to making the Pal bigger. With the combination of Hooligan (15%) Lucky (20%) Ferocious (20%), Musclehead (30%) and dumping nearly every Pal Soul possible into the Attack stat (23% according to the video) this Mossanda has reached almost legendary status concerning explosives. While a normal Mossanda would only deal 50 or 70 damage per shot at Level 20 or so, this Mossanda at Level 31 deals a whopping 500 damage per shot on average. That’s enough to take down a boss in just a few hits!

If you want to learn more about Palworld, such as how to build a base or where you can find the best mount in the game, consider reading more about Palworld on Gamepur.

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