Roblox Before Truth Codes – Do any exist?

What secrets lie in this mansion?

Roblox Before Truth is a horror game where players have to investigate a mysterious murder. This all happens in a creepy mansion where you have no idea what is hiding behind each corner.

Since this is an adventure horror game, there really isn’t any need for codes. However, the game itself will have secret puzzle codes that you will have to figure out. There are no promo codes for Roblox Before Truth, but we can help you figure out some of the puzzle codes you will have to solve.

All Roblox Before Truth Codes List

Roblox Before Truth Codes (Working)

Currently, there are no working codes for Roblox Before Truth.

Roblox Before Truth Codes (Expired)

Since there are no codes for Roblox Before Truth, there are no expired codes.

How to redeem codes in Roblox Before Truth

There is no way to redeem codes as of this writing because there are none in the game. Even if other Roblox games also don’t have any codes accessible, there is typically still a button to use codes, teasing their appearance in the future. In Roblox Before Truth, there isn’t a place to insert codes.

How can you get more Roblox Before Truth codes?

Normally, players can find codes for games such as Roblox +1 Jump Every Second on the developer’s Twitter or Discord. Even though there aren’t any codes, you can still join the Discord server if you need help solving some of the puzzles or with the game in general.

Why are my Roblox Before Truth codes not working?

There are currently no working codes, so nothing you would try could work.

What is the kitchen code in Roblox Before Truth?

The first code you will have to input in Roblox Before Truth is hidden in the kitchen. You will need to solve a 4-digit puzzle to get the code. Luckily, the solution is placed in the toilet. Players should find a piece of paper that has a combination of the words “kitchen,” “washroom,” and “living room.” Here is what each location means as a number:

  • Kitchen – 1
  • Living Room – 2
  • Washroom – 3

Since the paper with the answer is randomized, you will need to look in the second drawer in the bathroom to find the order. For example, our code from the paper shown above is 1212.

What is Roblox Before Truth?

Roblox Before Truth is an adventure horror game where you play as a detective trying to solve the disappearance of a mother and daughter. As you explore this creepy mansion, you will also start witnessing supernatural events taking place around you. By the end of the chapter, players will need to find out where the missing girls are and who took them.

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