Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes (April 2024)

Mine Bitcoin with more efficiency than ever before.

Updated April 15, 2024

We checked for the latest codes!

Mining cryptocurrency is an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor, and we just don’t have the resources. Putting it all together is a feat that not many can do on their own, but we can simulate that experience in Roblox. We played Roblox Bitcoin Miner, and we set up our very own mining operation, upgraded it, and then sell mined cryptocurrency for in-game cash.

Every little bit helps, and codes can be extra helpful to get your operation off the ground. In Roblox Bitcoin Miner, you can redeem codes to get boosts and special items that can make your Bitcoin mining office better, more efficient, or plain better looking. Here is the list of all working and expired codes that you can use in Roblox Bitcoin Miner.

All Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes list

Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes (Working)

  • ThxFor2M — Reward: Limited Card (New)
  • 54L5 — Rewards: Super Mining Boost (New)
  • UGCUpdate — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • B7FQ — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • thxfor150M — Rewards: 150M Visits Card
  • KB34 — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • NewLampBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • 6wio — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • 45dz — Rewards: Super Mining Boost 
  • 43DB — Rewards: Super Mining Boost 
  • GreenWall — Rewards: 5x Hedge
  • RockBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • LightningSpeed — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • PowerfulBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • PurplePrism — Rewards: 5x Hedge
  • StoneBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • GPUBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • WeekIV — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • Week3 — Rewards: Alien Block Head
  • AnotherBlock — Rewards: Concrete Block
  • extra — Rewards: Starter Electricity Box
  • FreeLvl — Rewards: One Level Up
  • SandFloor — Rewards: turn the floor into sand

Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes (Expired)

These are all the expired Roblox codes for Bitcoin Miner.

  • RGBUpdate — Rewards: free rewards
  • NotATrashcan — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • NewUI — Rewards: a Super GPU Cabinet
  • NotAPlate — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • AnotherCodeOnARock — Rewards: 3x Hedge
  • EvenMoreCodes — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • truckboost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • GrassWall — Rewards: 3x Hedge
  • AgainBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • QuadBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • ExtraBooster — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • BoostOnSign — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • UpBoost — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • ExchangeSkulls — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • thxfor100m — Rewards: free rewards
  • : ) — Rewards: Super Mining Boost (Typed without the space between the eyes and mouth)
  • GrassWalls — Rewards: 3x Hedge
  • PlantWalls — Rewards: 5x Hedge
  • Anotherblock — Rewards: concrete block
  • BtrBoost — Rewards: a Mega Mining Boost
  • BoosterCode — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • 50mil — Rewards: free rewards
  • ChargedUpdate — Rewards: Super Mining Boost
  • Patch — Rewards: Starter Crate
  • FreeBoost — Rewards: 3 Boost Stars
  • sandtower — Rewards: Small Sand Castle
  • WhiteTree — Rewards: x10 Birch Fence
  • FreeCrate — Rewards: free rewards
  • GiveLantern — Rewards: Lantern
  • JustStone — Rewards: free rewards
  • Phase3 — Rewards: free rewards
  • HeadStar — Rewards: free rewards

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How to redeem codes in Roblox Bitcoin Miner

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Bitcoin Miner.

  1. Open Roblox and launch Bitcoin Miner. 
  2. Walk out from the starting area, and find the orange kiosk with a CODES sign on it.
  3. Walk up to it and press E to interact with the CODES window.
  4. Copy and paste or enter the working code into the Enter Code Here! field in the text box.
  5. Press the blue Redeem button to confirm and redeem your free code and get the reward.

How to find more Roblox Bitcoin Miner codes

The best way to find new codes for the Roblox experience Bitcoin Miner is to regularly check back to this guide. But you can also follow the game’s devs — PolandGameBuilders’ — Twitter account. You should also join their Roblox Group as well as the Bitcoin Miner Discord server. By following all of the game’s social media and groups, you can keep in touch with the community and follow the news about the game, as well as find new codes early on.

How to get started in Roblox Bitcoin Miner

When you start Roblox and begin a new game in Bitcoin Miner, you spawn with nothing except a starter GPU and a small power supply. With this, you can make a worthy start and get going in no time. Set up a desk first, and install the starter GPU, then build the power supply nearby so that it can power it. Leave it to work for a few seconds, and you’ll see cryptocurrency slowly tricking in. Next, head to the Exchange office and sell your freshly mined Bitcoin for Cash.

Right outside the office is usually an NPC that can give you a quest. Pick it up, and then invest your new cash into another GPU or two. Set them up on the same desk (if there’s room), and while they’re mining for you, you can go about decorating your mining office and planning your next move. Repeat this process and upgrade as necessary, and you’ll be well on your way to cryptocurrency wealth.

Why are my codes not working in Roblox Bitcoin Miner?

There could be several reasons why codes may not work. For example, you may have misspelled the code from the list, left a character out, or put a space where it shouldn’t be. That’s why copying and pasting codes directly from the list into the text box is the best way to claim codes. Codes may expire over time, so the code that you’re attempting to claim may have already expired. Also, codes are usually useable only once, so you may have tried to claim a code that you have already redeemed.

What is Roblox Bitcoin Miner about?

Bitcoin Miner is a Roblox experience in which you simulate mining for Bitcoin. Your goal is to design and build an efficient Bitcoin farming office, by collecting GPUs and power generators, as well as decorating it to look better. You can also level up your character to get unique powers, complete quests for NPCs, trade cryptocurrency, and explore the world.

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