Tacticus Codes (April 2024)

Use these Warhammer Tacticus codes and claim all rewards before they expire!

Updated April 16, 2024

Found a new code!

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus is a must-play mobile game that showcases the Warhammer 40K universe through a thrilling combination of story, tactics, and the iconic style that fans love. Assemble your team, welcome the Chaos, and watch as the battle for the forty-first century plays out in front of you.

These Warhammer Tacticus codes will help you get Scrolls, Coins, and Tickets. You will also obtain enough Blackstone to buy as many crates and upgrades as you desire and make the most powerful team in the universe. If you like to play strategic mobile RPGs, check out our Outerplane Codes article, as we have plenty of freebies just waiting for you to grab them in that game, too!

All Tacticus Codes List

Tacticus Codes (Working)

  • HUNT4CLUES: Unlocks Rewards (New)
  • RATSAWAY: Unlocks Rewards
  • ILOVEXENOS: Unlocks Rewards
  • wesblackmane11: Unlocks 200 Blackstone, 5k Coins, and 1 Requisition Scroll
  • WARHAMMER: Unlocks 3k Coins and 200 Blackstone
  • SUMMON: Unlocks 1 Requisition Scroll
  • SRSBSNS: Unlocks 1 Common Combat Knife
  • WELCOME: Unlocks 500 Blackstone
  • AHEM: Unlocks 1 Blackstone
  • CAPS: Unlocks 5 Raid Tickets
  • GALAXY: Unlocks 300 Blackstone and 5k Coins

Tacticus Codes (Expired)

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How to Redeem Codes in Tacticus

Getting your freebies in Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus takes just a few steps. Follow the instructions below to redeem your codes quickly:

  1. Start Warhammer Tacticus on your device.
  2. Click on the cogwheel icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Copy and paste each code into the Enter code here text box.
  4. Press the Redeem button to send the reward to your in-game mailbox.

How Can You Get More Tacticus Codes?

The easiest way to get more Warhammer Tacticus codes is to bookmark this page and return from time to time. We are on the hunt for new codes each day, and as soon as we find them, we will update our guide.

If you want to look for fresh codes by yourself, start by visiting the developer’s social media:

  • X (@tacticusgame)
  • YouTube (@TacticusGame)
  • Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus Facebook 
  • Tacticus Discord

Why Are My Tacticus Codes Not Working?

If you’re having trouble using a Warhammer Tacticus code, start by looking for typos, such as incorrect capitalization. Try to copy and paste the code you want to use straight from this page because even a tiny mistake could make a code invalid.

The code that is giving you a hard time may have also expired in the meantime. Unfortunately, the codes are only redeemable for a specific period. Regardless, remember that when a code expires, there’s always a new one on the way.

How to Get Other Rewards in Tacticus

If you are looking for other rewards in Warhammer Tacticus, you are in luck, as there are plenty! Start by logging in daily to claim Daily Rewards such as Shards, upgrades, Coins, and more. With Season Rewards, you can obtain better loot for each tier you reach. Boost your Mission Level as much as possible and complete Missions for Coins, Shards, Badges, and XP, and finish Achievements to get Blackstones. Last but not least, even though the Shop sells items for real money and in-game currencies, you can claim one Regular Crate for free each day.

What Is Tacticus?

Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus is a turn-based tactical warfare game where players lead a squad of units through thrilling battle scenarios. The game allows the fans to put together a team with their favorite characters from any faction. Your squad, your rules — whether you stand with the honorable Space Marines or the terrifying hordes of Chaos. You can even make a mixed team and watch characters from different fractions interact with each other while working towards a common goal.

If you are looking for more codes for mobile games, take a peek at our dedicated Codes section to get free goodies for many different titles across all your favorite genres.

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