The 10 best Roblox Arsenal skins

Our list of the best 10 skins for Roblox Arsenal.

The Roblox experience Arsenal is an FPS title with little to stop players from killing each other in team-based or free-for-all game modes. The hook is that almost everything is a weapon: guitars and spell books are equipped as readily as the FAMAS or Uzi, and there isn’t much control players have regarding what appears in their hands next.

These firefights quickly become frantic messes of projectiles and bodies, taking place on various maps from Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and Battlefield franchises. If you’re looking to stand out amongst the fray, there’s a wide gamut of skins for your character that can be earned or purchased using Robux. Note: The skins change color depending on the team you select at the beginning of the round.

What are the best Roblox Arsenal skins?

Here’s our list of the top ten skins for Roblox Arsenal.

#10 — Plague Doctor

Plague Doctors are all the rage thanks to stunning titles such as Thymesia, and there’s no reason to stop fighting the plague just because you’re in Roblox. This stylish Epic skin slightly increases the head hitbox profile with the nose, but that doesn’t impede on victory. The increased size offers a helping hand to your opponents, who will likely need it.

#9 — Invisible Man

This Legendary skin isn’t entirely honest, as players with this skin aren’t invisible. The fedora and sunglasses offer an imposing visage, however, so you can send your opponents to the afterlife in style. This skin looks better on the red or green team, but there is more than enough class to go around in all color schemes, even while you’re using a guitar to blast opponents away.

#8 — Snake Eater

It’s challenging to find a more fitting character for Roblox Arsenal than a character from the Metal Gear Solid franchise; thus, the Legendary skin Snake Eater earns a spot on this list. The nickname ‘Snake Eater’ refers to US Special Forces veterans — the nickname was earned by the forces serving snake meat to visitors at Fort Bragg. Based on the character, however, this skin likely refers to Solid Snake.

#7 — Noble Spirit

Under the armor, the Legendary Arsenal skin Noble Spirit is notably far more invisible than the Invisible Man skin, but that’s not why this character is on the list. This skin has a seemingly impossible head hitbox for enemies to hit. The hitboxes are the same, but the seemingly large shoulders and small head make it harder for enemies to get those critical hits.

#6 — Phantom Thief Magician

The Legendary Arsenal skin Phantom Thief Magician is too good not to fit onto this list. There’s no better way to celebrate Persona 5 coming to PC and Nintendo Switch than players as one of the Phantom Thieves in Roblox, even if the result isn’t the spitting image of Joker himself. This skin also makes more sense when a player gets a Spellbook and starts blasting magic bolts at opponents.

#5 — Chupacabra

The Chupacabra is one of the best Legendary skins in Arsenal, and its menacing appearance fits its spot in Americana folklore. The Chupacabra, the same referenced in a Borderlands 3 quest, got its name from the legend of its vampirism, where it relied on livestock, such as goats, to survive. Fitting for top-fraggers in this experience, where you take your spot on the leaderboards thanks to the life of your opponents.

#4 — Fro Vice

Miami Vice was an epic television series from 1984 to 1989, so it makes sense that Fro Vice is an Epic skin. Most people in the server will be far too young to realize the reference, but that doesn’t stop the classic aesthetic from being impactful. Crime doesn’t sleep, and neither should your trigger finger in Arsenal.

#3 — Joe

The Epic skin Joe is loud — you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in this Lego-like character skin, regardless of how chaotic the match becomes. This can work out in your favor, however: it allows allies to find where you’re at easily, and it can attract enemies to your position. Use this to ensure you always have a good variety of enemies to engage but don’t miss your shots — for better or worse, this skin stands out and is best for people who can manage being the center of attention during a fight.

#2 — Material Man

The Legendary Material Man skin speaks for itself, or it would if it had a mouth. As dense as a brick wall, its actual value comes from it being able to hide where the player is looking from a quick glance. Further, it can be challenging to line up headshots against this skin, as all parts of it look exactly the same. This skin is also a good flex for its rarity — it’s very uncommon in Arsenal to come across a player with the Material Man skin.

#1 — Castlers

If the infamous blue screen error had it’s own cosmetic, it would be the Legendary Arsenal skin Castlers. An upside-down head, error messages and text splayed across its arms and legs, and multiple faces on its shoulders make this a confusing skin to wear, fight against, or even look at. It’s one of the rarest skins in the game, amongst other Legendries, but its sheer oddity makes it our favorite.

Just because it’s rare, however, doesn’t mean that users have to spend actual money (being Robux) to purchase these skins. After completing every match, there’s a low chance that players will unlock a new skin. To unlock greater rarities, such as skins from the Legendary tier, there’s an even lower chance. The best way to unlock the desired skin is to ‘get their reps in’ and complete as many matches as possible within Roblox Arsenal.

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