6-Year-Old Steam Game Just Hit Its All-Time Player Peak

An open-world game hits its all-time concurrent player peak on Steam almost six years following its polarizing initial release.

6-Year-Old Steam Game Just Hit Its All-Time Player Peak


  • Fallout 76 hit its record concurrent player count on Steam on April 14.
  • The game's PC player count has increased by over 360% since Amazon's Fallout TV series premiered earlier this week.
  • Other Fallout games have also been enjoying popularity boosts in recent days, helped by the currently ongoing sale on all entries in the franchise.

Fallout 76 has just hit its all-time concurrent player peak on Steam. This impressive achievement was recorded nearly six years following Fallout 76's polarizing release.

The renewed momentum that the game is currently enjoying appears to be a direct result of Amazon's Fallout TV show, which had its Prime Video premiere on April 10. Every game in the series has been experiencing a popularity resurgence ever since.

Fallout 76 Steam Player Base Up 363% Since Amazon TV Show Debut

The newest entry in the franchise has so far been the biggest beneficiary of this trend, with Fallout 76 already achieving impressive engagement on Xbox within days of the show's debut. The game has now managed to hit another major milestone, having recorded its highest-ever concurrent Steam player count of 39,455 on April 14, according to data compiled by SteamDB. That's a 363% improvement compared to its player peak from four days earlier, just before the show hit Prime Video.

6-Year-Old Steam Game Just Hit Its All-Time Player Peak

Tens of thousands of players flocked to Fallout 76 over the second weekend of April, ultimately improving the game's player peak on the platform by almost 20%. The last and only time that the co-op RPG had more than 20,000 simultaneous players on Steam was in May 2020. Although it didn't see too many spikes in the years that followed, Fallout 76 still maintained a healthy player community, typically peaking at around 10,000 concurrent Steam players daily, all the way up to this latest resurgence.

The rest of the Fallout franchise is also doing amazingly right now, PC player count-wise; Fallout 3 and New Vegas currently have more players than they did since 2016, as does Fallout 4. The isometric entries in the series, ranging from the seminal 1997 original to the SRPG spin-off Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel, are also enjoying nine-year player count highs right now. How long this trend continues remains to be seen, but Fallout 76 certainly has the potential to maintain its current momentum for a while yet, not least because it is the only entry in the franchise that still receives regular updates that keep adding to its already massive volume of content.

Fallout 76 Is Currently Available at Its Lowest-Ever Price

This popularity boost has also ostensibly been amplified by the newly launched Fallout series sale, which saw Bethesda discount its live-service shooter by a whopping 80%. Fallout 76 is now consequently once again available at its lowest-ever Steam price of $7.99. PlayStation and Xbox gamers are also currently able to grab it for the same amount. The ongoing Fallout franchise sale is set to conclude on April 19.

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