AFK Journey: How To Get the Ironwall Spell Artifact

If you want to strengthen your team’s defenses in AFK Journey, you’ll need the Ironwall Spell Artifact. Here’s how to acquire it.

AFK Journey: How To Get the Ironwall Spell Artifact

Striving to strengthen your team's defenses with a minimum number of tank characters, AFK Journey players pay attention to Ironwall Spell Artifact. This powerful item can be equally indispensable or useless depending on your team, but despite this, it is one of the best artifacts in the game.

Maximizing your vanguard tank's defensive abilities and increasing its durability throughout the fight, you can focus all your energy on offense, which can be a viable strategy until you get more top characters. Unfortunately, to get the Ironwall Spell Artifact, you must go through most of the story, but there is a workaround.

How To Unlock the Ironwall Spell Artifact

AFK Journey: How To Get the Ironwall Spell Artifact

If you are a free-to-play player, the only way to get the Ironwall Spell Artifact is as a reward for completing the Check on Lucent Tree stage of the main story by visiting the darkest corners of the Dark Forest region. You can reach this mark as part of Lucent's Lament quest but don't expect it to be a quick run. Eventually, even with active daily play, it will take about a week before you achieve what you want. But if you don't want to wait, you can use a paid workaround.

Players who are willing to donate at least a couple of dollars to AFK Journey can get the Ironwall Spell Artifact at any stage of the story. More precisely, you only need to buy any paid offer in the in-game store, for example, in-game currency, Recruitment Letters, or something else. After this, you only need to restart the game and look in your inventory, inside of which you will find one of the best artifacts.

Of course, the choice is yours, and if you were planning to buy something for real money, Ironwall Spell Artifact will be a nice bonus. However, you shouldn't spend real money just for this item. A week spent on the game's plot will fly by quickly, and receiving an artifact at the end will be an excellent reward for your efforts. In addition, the game offers a lot of alternatives for creating a free build to achieve your goals.

Ironwall Spell Artifact Stats

AFK Journey: How To Get the Ironwall Spell Artifact

As we said earlier, Ironwall Spell Artifact makes any tank character standing in the vanguard much more powerful and durable. However, strengthening this artifact would give the power of a tank even to those characters who are alien to this role. Of course, you can build a team that does not need such an item in the later game stages. But it will be indispensable in the early and mid stages, giving the following buffs:

  • At the beginning of the battle, the ally in the very front receives +15% Phys DEF and Magic DEF, and Energy on Hit increases by 20. This effect lasts until the end of the match.
  • At the beginning of the match and every 12 seconds, the character receives a shield for 6 seconds whose durability is equal to 20% of the maximum HP of this character.
  • The effects of the artifact cannot be dispelled until the end of the match or until the character dies.
  • At +4: Phys DEF and Magic DEF increases to 20%.
  • At +8: If a blessed character dies, all buffs go to your other hero closest to the vanguard. But this effect only works one time per match.
  • At +10: Hero gains Haste +6 and Vitality +9.

If you receive Ironwall Spell for real money, it will quickly guide you through the main story. But if you got this artifact near the end of the story, you can use it as a solid foundation for future builds.

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