All Spirit Ritual Locations In Tales Of Kenzera: Zau

Immerse yourself in the thrilling combat of Tales of Kenzera: Zau. Conquer all three Spirit Rituals and unlock a rare achievement.

All Spirit Ritual Locations In Tales Of Kenzera: Zau

Tales of Kenzera: Zau isn't solely about combat; its main focus is its moving narrative revolving around a young man coping with the loss of his father. However, the game offers an additional avenue for players seeking a bit more action. Players can put their skills to the test in Spirit Rituals. Except for the fourth act, each of the game's first three acts features one Spirit Ritual.

These rituals consist of three distinct challenges, each designed to push players to their limits. Overcoming these challenges in each ritual rewards players with a skill point, and completing them all unlocks a Gold Trophy. With three rituals in total, players can engage in these trials alongside the main campaign or deal with them later.

Great Cliffs Spirit Ritual Location


The first Spirit Ritual is located in the Great Cliff Region, but obtaining access requires the Akida Spear ability, which you acquire during Act 1 as the story unfolds. Once you possess this ability, return to the Great Cliff. Utilize the camp for fast travel, then navigate to the leftmost section of the region, specified on the map provided.

Use the newly acquired Akida Spear ability to unlock the gate. Equip the Sun Mask, aim with L2, and fire the spear using R2 at the switch located in the upper right corner. Once the gate swings open, continue to the left until you reach the site of the ritual. Expect some platforming challenges along the way. Complete all three challenges to successfully complete the Spirit Ritual.

Wildwood Spirit Ritual Location


The second Spirit Ritual is waiting for you in the Wildwood Region, accessible only after acquiring the Zawadi’s Hook ability.

Once you possess this ability, head to the west from Sabulana’s location until you stumble upon a grapple hook point. Use the newfound ability to travel upward, and continue moving leftward. After a series of jumps, the spot for the Spirit Ritual will be in front of you. Prepare to confront all three trials once again to complete this ritual.

Mount Itshoka Spirit Ritual Location


Ironically, the location of the final Spirit Ritual isn’t locked behind a later-acquired ability. Instead, reaching it demands platforming skills.

Upon reaching the marked location on the map, utilize the right wall to jump and dash toward the floating purple platform on the left. From there, leap to the right purple platform, then to the left, and one final jump to the right should land you where you need to be. Once above, proceed to the right and once more tackle all three challenges waiting for you.

Upon completing all three Spirit Rituals, you'll unlock the "A Warrior’s Way" Achievement/Trophy.

Platform(s) PC , PS5 , Switch , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released April 23, 2024 Developer(s) Surgent Studios Publisher(s) Electronic Arts

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