Animal Crossing Fan Has a Bizarre Theory About One of the Koala Villagers

An Animal Crossing fan comes up with a strange theory about a certain koala character in the popular Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing Fan Has a Bizarre Theory About One of the Koala Villagers


  • A fan theorizes that Faith from Animal Crossing might actually be a human in a koala disguise.
  • Fans are still finding creative ways to have fun in New Horizons despite the lack of updates from Nintendo.
  • The speculation around Faith's true identity as a human or koala is both humorous and intriguing for fans.

One fan of Nintendo's beloved Animal Crossing franchise has come up with a bizarre but oddly plausible theory regarding Faith, one of the koala villagers from the series. The evidence for the theory in question might be hard for some Animal Crossing fans to unsee once they notice it for the first time.

It's been fairly quiet in the world of Animal Crossing for the last few months. Nintendo hasn't released many new updates for the latest installment in the series, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, recently. In addition, the Japanese video game giant has yet to formally share new info on future games in the franchise. That hasn't stopped the dedicated fanbase for Nintendo's life simulation series from finding new ways to have fun, though. While some Animal Crossing fans have been creating Kirby-inspired flower gardens in New Horizons, others have been crafting gardens themed around fan-favorite villagers using Nintendo DS shells. Creative ventures aside, though, some fans have also spent time speculating about certain recurring characters in the franchise, from the devious landlord Tom Nook to the loving Shih Tzu Isabelle. This latest fan theory, however, might just take the cake as one of the sillier ones so far.

A Redditor going by the name of RainbowFrog420 has shared a post on the Animal Crossing subreddit about the koala villager Faith, who appeared in both New Horizons and the original Animal Crossing game on GameCube. The post details how the Reddit user is unable to get the mental image of Faith secretly being a human disguised as an animal out of their head. "I want to love her, I do, but every time I look at her, I just see a human villager dressed up and pretending to be an animal, and it weirds me out," says RainbowFrog420, hoping to unsee this discovery.

Other Redditors jokingly responded to this strange theory, with one user, Bazzybond, going so far as to claim that Faith is actually a "koala in a koala suit" that "skins her enemies." Fellow commenter LetsGoBuyTomatoes, meanwhile, likens Faith's appearance to someone who "wore sunscreen only on her face, so the rest of the body is really badly sunburnt." Many repliers agree that the theory RainbowFrog420 came up with is hard to unsee after noticing it for the first time, with Reddit user Ruxvince claiming that Faith's "human eyes and hair" look "so freaky." Regardless of whether she's a human or not, some fans, like commenter FraggleGoddess, are still willing to go to bat for the cute Animal Crossing villager. "I adore Faith, she's my very first villager and my BFF. She's so funny."

A New Animal Crossing Game Is Hopefully on the Horizon

There are a lot of wild video game theories out there, especially for otherwise cozy games like Animal Crossing, but this one borders more on goofy than disturbing. Hopefully, when the next Animal Crossing game releases sometime in the near future, fans will be able to come up with more new revelations and potential discoveries.

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