Annoying Fallout 4 Issue Fixed Ahead of Big April 25 Update

An annoying problem plaguing Fallout 4 is fixed ahead of the post-apocalyptic RPG’s upcoming April 25 update.

Annoying Fallout 4 Issue Fixed Ahead of Big April 25 Update

Xbox has confirmed that the problem preventing Fallout 4 players from earning achievements has been fixed ahead of the game's big April 25 update. There is currently a great deal of interest in Fallout 4 and the franchise in general, fueled by the Amazon TV series. The Fallout TV series has exceeded many fans' expectations and has helped lead to a resurgence of interest in the games, especially the newer entries.

Playtime for all Fallout games is up across the board, but it seems the majority of fans are flocking to the Fallout 76 multiplayer game and Fallout 4, which makes sense as they are the two that are most easily accessible to the majority of players. Unfortunately for Xbox gamers that have returned to Fallout 4 in the wake of the Fallout TV series' success, they've been largely unable to unlock any achievements.

This annoying problem with Fallout 4 achievements not unlocking on Xbox seemingly started in March, but it has finally been rectified, just days ahead of the game's big April 25 update. Xbox confirmed the fix on Twitter, thanking fans for their patience. The problem with Fallout 4 Xbox achievements was fixed roughly six days after Xbox first acknowledged the issues.

Fallout 4 Xbox Achievements Should Be Working Again

Now that Fallout 4 Xbox achievements have been fixed, fans of the franchise on the platform can once again start earning achievements in the game. A lot of Fallout 4 achievements will be earned through natural progression, but some of them are definitely more challenging. Even so, there are many Fallout 4 players on Xbox who haven't even earned the game's easiest achievement yet, which is strange.

It recently came to light that a staggering 37% of Fallout 4 players are missing the game's easiest achievement, which is awarded for simply entering the Wasteland, aka finishing up the game's tutorial section. The low number can likely be attributed to people trying the game on Xbox Game Pass briefly without actually ever properly playing it, skewing the data. In any case, now that Fallout 4 Xbox achievements have been fixed, anyone missing out on that super easy achievement can boot up the game and unlock it.

Others will want to wait for the Fallout 4 April 25 update to drop before returning to the Wasteland. Fallout 4's big update is going to see the release of a native PS5/Xbox Series X version of the game, which will include 60 FPS support and other notable upgrades.

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