Antony Starr Shuts Down DCU Superhero Casting Rumors


  • Antony Starr addresses Booster Gold rumors on Happy Sad Confused podcast.
  • Starr jokes about his age and action roles, suggesting he'd prefer a desk job.
  • Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, is a time-traveling ex-football player turned superhero.

The Boys star Antony Starr has finally broken his silence on playing a superhero in the upcoming slate of DC Universe films, making fans excited about the actor's alleged arrival in James Gunn's superhero universe.

In recent years, Starr has been massively successful in the superhero genre and garnered a lot of popularity because of his captivating performance as Homelander in the Prime Video series The Boys. His portrayal of the superhero character received universal acclaim and encouraged the viewers to fancast him in a wide range of villainous roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DCU. However, recently, the actor opened up about the most significant casting rumor surrounding him and taking on a heroic role in the upcoming Chapter One of the DC Universe.

While making an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via @joshuahorowitz), The Boys star finally addressed rumors that he would be playing the role of Booster Gold in the newly-launched DC Universe. Host Josh Horowitz asked Starr about the rumors when someone from the audience screamed Booster Gold. The actor had a funny response to that question and said that he didn't know who the character was. Additionally, he humorously remarked on the connection between Homelander and Booster Gold, noting their shared trait of blonde hair. Starr also mentioned that he feels he is "getting old" for action roles. He said, "No, I genuinely don't know [about Booster Gold]. I am a little slow. I'm getting old, and my body doesn't want to do much action anymore. I want to sit behind a desk on a CSI show."

For the uninitiated, Michael Jon Carter, aka Booster Gold, is a college football star of the 25th century who earned the nickname 'Booster' on the field. He wanted to become a star football player and earn a fortune. However, a scandal broke out and shattered his dreams of professional stardom. As a result, he had to take up the job as a security guard at the Metropolis Space Museum and study superheroes. After stealing advanced alien technology and a time machine from the museum, he saw an opportunity. By traveling to a past era where his criminal record was nonexistent, he could reinvent himself as a superhero. Not only could he become a superhero, but he could also turn his newfound reputation into a productive venture. Mike used the time-traveling machine and traveled to the future to debut as Booster Gold. However, as per history, Booster Gold always helps someone in need.

Although nothing has been made official yet, introducing Starr to the DCU is only going to make things more exciting. For years, he has demonstrated exceptional acting skills, particularly in his portrayal of complex characters like Homelander. His strong screen presence can bring a unique intensity to any role he takes on. Also, Starr's experience in the superhero genre would allow him to seamlessly transition into the DC Universe. However, one of the primary reasons for bringing him to the DCU would be his growing fan base. He has millions of fans and that would help the DCU in reaching to new viewers. He has the looks and personality to play Booster Gold, but will he? Well, the ball is in Gunn's court now.

All six episodes of The Boys Season 4 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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