April 19 Will Be a Big Day for Nintendo 64 Fans

Friday, April 19 is going to be a big day for Nintendo 64 enthusiasts, especially if they have a Nintendo Switch handy.

April 19 Will Be a Big Day for Nintendo 64 Fans


  • Nintendo 64 fans can enjoy nostalgia with Corn Kidz 64 on Nintendo Switch, complete with N64 controller support for authentic gameplay.
  • The release of Corn Kidz 64 on April 19 is a nod to N64-era platformers, offering a 90s gaming experience.
  • Super Kiwi 64 for Nintendo Switch will also add N64 controller support.

Friday, April 19 is going to be a big day for Nintendo 64 enthusiasts, as that's the day that Corn Kidz 64 releases for the Nintendo Switch with full N64 controller support. The Nintendo 64 remains one of Nintendo's most beloved consoles of all time. Home to some of the highest-rated games ever made, there are millions of gamers with fond memories of the Nintendo 64. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch has made it relatively easy to take a trip down memory lane.

While gamers are certainly free to dig their Nintendo 64 consoles out of their ts, the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack gives subscribers access to some of the platform's biggest and best games. Those that have been lucky enough to secure one while they were on sale can also use the recreated classic Nintendo 64 controller when playing the N64 games through their Switch Online subscription.

That same Nintendo 64 controller will be put to good use with the release of Corn Kidz 64 on Friday, April 19. Corn Kidz 64 is a 3D platformer that takes clear inspiration from N64-era platformers like Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64, complete with graphical options that allow players to recreate the experience of playing a 90s video game. Being able to play the game using the Nintendo 64 controller will really help complete the experience. Previously, the developers had warned fans that Nintendo 64 controller support wouldn't be possible at launch, but it seems those issues have been ironed out, and the feature will be available from day one.

Corn Kidz 64 may just now be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on April 19, but the game is not an unknown quantity. In fact, Corn Kidz 64 has been available on Steam since last year, and it has proven to be quite popular on the platform. Corn Kidz 64's user review scores on Steam have helped it secure an "Overwhelmingly Positive" rating, indicating that Nintendo Switch gamers nostalgic for the N64's glory days are in for a treat.

Corn Kidz 64 is a Throwback to the Nintendo 64

In the meantime, a Nintendo 64-inspired 3D platformer already available for the Nintendo Switch will also be adding N64 controller support. In a follow-up tweet, Diplodocus Games confirmed that the 3D platformer Super Kiwi 64 is getting Nintendo 64 controller support as part of a future update.

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