Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Blue Archive has a huge roster of characters available, but which of the DPS characters are the most useful?

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Blue Archive requires players to have a good idea of team-building so that they can excel in the many areas the game has to offer. However, with dozens of DPS characters currently available and with more to come, it can be hard to know where to begin. This guide seeks to help players figure out which units excel in the DPS role, how to get these units, and where these units shine in all the different versions of gameplay that Blue Archive has to offer.

10 Iori

A Versatile Attacker

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

A part of Gehenna's Disciplinary Committee, Iori is one of the best DPS characters in the game. New players should even think about making a new account and rerolling after their first few ten pulls if they don't manage to pull Iori. Iori is a three-star Striker with Piercing attacks, making her great in all yellow raids. In general, she's strong enough to sweep through the early game and remains great through much of Blue Archive's late-game content.

Staying towards the back of the team, Iori focuses on single-target damage by firing off three shots each time her EX Skill is used, though her target will change after defeating the target she initially focused on. The damage she deals also impacts other nearby enemies close to her target, making it an effective AOE for small clumps of enemies. Finally, the dash she does in between shots and her additional damage boost thanks to her Sub Skill mean that she can be used reliably even without cover, thanks to her agility and extra damage.

In all, Iori is fantastic at both single-target and AOE damage, making her effective in any type of gameplay. Plus, despite her Piercing attack type, her strength means she can brute-force anything if you put care into raising her Skills and Equipment. The good news for anyone who doesn't pull her through the Regular Gacha banner is that her Elephs are also farmable through stages 14-3H and 20-3H. She has also had featured banners as recently as April 2024.

9 Aru

An Easily Available All-Rounder

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Another Gehenna student and the self-proclaimed 'Boss' of the ragtag group Problem Solver 68, Aru is worth pulling for. A three-star Explosive Striker, she fights from the back of the team, keeping her out of harm's way. Her attacks are target-focused, but also deal damage in a circle to other nearby enemies, making her useful against mobs and bosses.

Players can obtain Aru through the Regular Gacha banner, making her one of the earliest choices available. She's also farmable for late-game players through stage 18-3H, and she's had several rate-up banners in the past, making her likely to have more in the future. Players have also been able to gain her Eleph fragments through a previous limited event, meaning a potential rerun will allow players another opportunity to gain more of her Eleph.

Overall, Aru is a great character. She can be used in raids, against bosses, against groups, in PvE, and in PvP. She also needs a little less attention than other units when it comes to her build. However, players must carefully figure out their EX rotations to make sure they get the most out of her, since she needs to use her EX to shine.

8 Izuna

Great At Avoiding Damage

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Izuna is a ninja-loving student of Hyakkiyako Alliance Academy, and another great option for players looking to pull strong DPS characters in Blue Archive. Izuna is a three-star Mystic Striker who fights from the front of the team. She's relatively simple to use: she causes AOE damage with her Normal Skill while her other skills focus on attack, speed, and crit damage. Her EX Skill allows her to reposition herself, which is useful in keeping her out of harm's way.

As with the previous students mentioned, Izuna is also farmable at stage 19-3H. However, players can't access this stage until the late game, so she can be difficult to get if she isn't currently featured in a banner. That being said, she is available in the Regular Gacha, and she's had multiple featured banners with a higher pull rate. It's likely she'll have another rerun in the future; in fact, one seems to be set for September 2024.

Izuna is one of the best DPS characters the game has to offer. Thanks to her strength in Urban locations and her ability to be repositioned, Izuna does a great job at dealing constant damage while avoiding taking too many hits. That being said, it's important that she's used alongside a tankier character. While Izuna can take some hits, she is not a tank and can fall if players aren't careful with their team building.

7 Haruna

Tricky to Use, But a Powerful Asset

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Yet another three-star Gehenna character, Haruna does it all. As a Mystic Striker fighting from the back of the team, Haruna's EX Skill deals AOE damage in a straight line that can strike multiple targets at once. Her Sub Skill provides her extra attack damage as long as she remains standing still, which is relatively easy as long as she has cover. That being said, Haruna does have one issue. Players will need to be careful with how they aim, as enemies can move from the range of her attack at the last moment, making it useless. However, if players are confident in their ability, Haruna is a must for bosses and PVP.

While Haruna is available on the Standard Gacha banner, she's also farmable from two early Hard stages: 8-3H and 12-3H. She's useful as a DPS, and her Mystic attack style, though hard to come by in the early game, is very useful. Players should always aim to get her, whether through the regular banner at the beginning of the game or farming the Hard stages.

6 Mutsuki

Easily Attainable & Packs a Punch

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Not only is Mutsuki one of the best DPS characters in Blue Archive, but she's easy for players to get their hands on. Unlike the rest of the characters mentioned so far, Mutsuki is a two-star Striker, meaning that she can be pulled easily on any banner, limited or standard. This means that, alongside being available at the start of the game, she's also easy to build from a two-star to as high as a five-star. Her Elephs have also been featured as a reward in the New Years' Rhapsody No. 68 event, allowing players to gain as many as 60 Elephs throughout the event. Finally, Mutsuki is also available to farm from two Hard stages: 13-2H and 16-2H.

What makes Mutsuki so great is that she's both accessible and powerful. Both her EX Skill and her Normal Skill are AOE attacks that refresh quickly, with her EX Skill guaranteed every twenty seconds. These skills drop mines and bombs in three circles onto enemy targets, wiping them out efficiently. Plus, since Mutsuki is an Explosion Striker, she's useful in most quests and against red-focused weekly bosses.

Players are guaranteed to get their hands on Mutsuki at some point, and can get her to three stars without much effort. As such, Mutsuki is worth the time it takes to build her. She'll remain useful throughout all the content the game has to offer.

5 Chise

Early-Game Mystic Attacker

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Another two-star Striker, Chise will be available to players very early in the game. One thing that sets her apart from Mutsuki is that Chise is a Mystic attacker, meaning that she'll likely be one of the earliest Mystic characters players get their hands on. This is where her strength lies. Though she may not be great at first, Chise is the best character available thanks to a lack of other options. Until players get their hands on a stronger Mystic attacker, they can build Chise to be very useful.

Alongside her early-game accessibility, Chise is also easy to farm. Her Elephs appear in stages 14-2H and 17-2H, making her farmable from the mid-game onward. Chise has also appeared as an event reward in three Blue Archive events so far, including one rerun. This makes it likely that she'll appear as an event reward again.

Chise is another AOE attacker, fighting similarly to Mutsuki. Her EX Skill allows the player to choose where to place a circle of AOE damage that will cause constant damage against a group of enemies. Meanwhile, her Normal Skill applies automatic AOE damage in a circle every 25 seconds. She can also apply burn damage to foes with her Sub Skill, which can be useful against bosses and other tanky enemies.

4 Iroha

Fantastic For AOE

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

The first Special attacker on the list, Iroha is a Mystic attacker who provides powerful AOE damage at a fast pace. Her EX Skill has her appear on-field on the back of a giant tank, where she provides targeted damage every 15 seconds. After firing these main shots, she will deal the same amount of damage to two more enemies on-field. Her Normal Skill applies AOE damage in a circle around a particular target. While players cannot choose which targets to aim for, it hardly matters. Iroha's attacks are so powerful and fast that they can wipe out an entire wave of enemies in seconds. This makes her perfect for any content in the game, though many consider her an absolute must for PVP in particular.

Like Iori, players may want to consider rerolling if they don't manage to pull Iroha in the first few free ten-pulls from the Standard Gacha provided by the game. However, Iroha has even more of a reason to reroll, as she is not currently farmable. That being said, Iroha has had several limited banners with a higher pull rate, and another rate-up banner is scheduled for July 2024.

3 Azusa

Great For Raid Battles

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Another three-star Explosion Striker DPS, Azusa is one of the best DPS characters players can build for fighting bosses, making her great in raids (with her shining in red raids in particular). As a single-target-focused DPS, Azusa is great at defense shredding, with her Normal Skill decreasing her target's defense every 20 seconds. Her Sub Skill allows her to deal even more damage to enemies who are inflicted with a status ailment, making her a great DPS to build around. While she's not great for fighting groups or mobs due to her focus on single-target damage, she's amazing in many raid battles.

Though Azusa is a three-star DPS, she is quite accessible. She features in the Regular Gacha banner, and has also had several limited rate-up banners in the past. She's also farmable through the Rare Raid Coins store, making her relatively easy to get your hands on.

2 Hina (Dress Version)

The Unobtainable Dream (So Far)

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

The first skin-exclusive variant on this list, Hina (Dress Version) is a DPS that isn't actually available on global servers yet. However, she made her debut on the Japan server several months ago and has proven to be one of the strongest DPS characters in the game — perhaps even the strongest of all.

Hina (Dress) is a three-star Explosion Striker with a relatively complicated kit. Her EX Skill has three different variants, but the most important thing to note is that it is a multi-target AOE attack that aims towards targets in a straight line (somewhat similar to Haruna). The damage from this attack begins at a massive 680.4%, making it ridiculously strong against any target, including any color raid boss. Alongside this, Hina fights from the back, meaning she's not likely to take damage aside from AOE attacks.

As mentioned, Hina (Dress) is not yet available at the time of writing. However, her banner is estimated to drop on global servers in late July 2024, giving players plenty of time to save up for this must-pull character.

1 Mika

Limited, But Unbelievably Powerful

Blue Archive: Best DPS Units & DPS Guide

Mika does underperform against Hina in certain situations. That being said, Mika is an incredibly strong DPS who can wipe out enemies with huge amounts of HP within seconds, creating a massive burst of single-target damage instantly. Thanks to this, she can be used in all content across the game, including any color raid boss.

As a three-star Penetration Striker, Mika fights from the front of the party. She is a single-target-focused DPS, and every single attack she makes deals CRIT damage foes thanks to her Sub Skill. She's also capable of tanking damage thanks to her Sub Skill, which decreases the damage she takes. Her EX Skill deals a whopping 810% Attack damage to her target at its lowest level, though it deals even more damage when targets have high amounts of HP. Finally, her Normal Skill deals set of damage over five attacks. After the Normal Skill triggers three times, a meteorite will fall onto her target and deal another huge burst of damage. Mika is a broken character with tons of buffs that add to her strength and ability to tank damage.

The only issue with Mika is that she is a limited character. She cannot be farmed for or pulled on the Standard Gacha banner, and she has not previously appeared in any events. However, Mika was the previous highlight of the specialBlue Archive 'Festival Banner' in Summer 2023. From this, it can be assumed that she may appear again in 2024's Festival Banner, though this hasn't been confirmed.

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