Call of Duty Leaker Claims Controversial Perk Returning in Next Game

A Call of Duty leaker says that an infamous perk could be returning with Treyarch’s next entry in the franchise that releases later this year.

Call of Duty Leaker Claims Controversial Perk Returning in Next Game


  • The Last Stand perk may return in Call of Duty 2024 as Survivor, with a new self-revive mechanic.
  • The leak also includes new perks like Operative, letting users see enemies through walls upon respawn.
  • The dataminer hints at powerful killstreaks like the Grim Reaper rocket launcher in the upcoming CoD title.

A Call of Duty dataminer has claimed that the Last Stand perk, now called Survivor, could return in Call of Duty 2024 after finding evidence of it. The Call of Duty leaker also claimed to reveal many of the weapons and killstreaks in Treyarch's next title.

CoD 2024, heavily rumored to be titled Black Ops Gulf War, is set to release later this year and will likely be revealed within the next few months, based on previous Call of Duty marketing campaigns. Back in February, a dataminer claimed to have leaked Black Ops Gulf War's weapon lineup at launch. The list included many iconic guns from the early 1990s Gulf War era, and the same dataminer says they have revealed even more information on the anticipated title.

Twitter user and dataminer Vondyispog posted a massive thread that outlined much of the in-game content coming in the next Call of Duty. However, it's important to note that this content is still unconfirmed, although that may change soon when a reveal event could confirm some of this information if it's true. One of the most notable claims by the dataminer is that Survivor, f.k.a. Last Stand, was spotted in Call of Duty's Black Ops Gulf War-related files. In case some are unfamiliar, the perk was seen in the original Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 and allowed users to enter a "last stand" state before dying, in which their character would lie on the ground with a pistol and require additional damage to be fully eliminated. The new perk's datamined description describes identical behavior with the addition of a self-revive mechanic.

Last Stand Perk Could Be Returning To Call of Duty

The dataminer revealed some usual Call of Duty perks like Dexterity, Scavenger, and others, but also shared another interesting perk in Operative, which allows users to briefly see enemies through walls upon respawning, and Ante Up, which gives users 200 points towards scorestreaks at the start of each life. These two perks and Survivor sound particularly powerful, so if the leaks are true, it's possible that Call of Duty 2024 features some sort of pick 10 or perk tier system that places more value on Call of Duty's most powerful perks, but this is only speculation.

Following the new killstreaks introduced in Modern Warfare 3, the dataminer also claimed to reveal the killstreaks coming in the next CoD. These included interesting ones like the Grim Reaper rocket launcher that fires four explosive shells, last seen in the original Black Ops, and the Handcannon revolver that fires high-caliber rounds, last seen in Black Ops Cold War.

While these leaks are still unconfirmed, this is usually the time of year when dataminers or insiders begin sharing accurate information regarding the next Call of Duty's multiplayer, so the timing does seem tempting. But for now, fans simply have to wait for official news to know for sure. Call of Duty 2024's release window was previously rumored to be in October, with a reveal likely happening by the end of June but possibly before then.

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