Children of the Sun Challenges Explained

Children of the Sun has multiple objectives that may be confusing to figure out.

Children of the Sun Challenges Explained

Children Of The Sun is a hybrid shooter and puzzle game, a stylish mix of sniping games like the Sniper Elite series and the bullet-time feast SUPERHOT. However, this description undersells the game's unique approach to puzzles and its most stunning elements, from the unique storytelling to the low-fidelity art style that reacts with pulsing bass and an explosion of color to every shot fired and re-fired by the player.

In Children Of The Sun, bullets don't always move in a straight line. Perhaps more importantly, they don't stop once they reach their target. Thanks to the protagonist's powers, a gift of the cult she is now attempting to eradicate, a single bullet can clean a dozen or more enemies by simply changing direction after meeting its victim. Indeed, what makes those puzzles novel is the need to clear every level in one shot, tracing a line between the first and last cultist killed.

How To Solve Every Challenge In Children Of The Sun

Children of the Sun Challenges Explained

Some of the challenges present throughout the 26 levels of Children Of The Sun can be hard to solve. Some are actually quite tough, while many are simply too vague for some players to figure out on their own. Many, like those present in Idolatry and Losing Track, can be hard to solve even with a dedicated guide.

Meanwhile, challenges like the one in Open Mic actively make completing the level easier, guiding the player through the intended solution. The following list will only really help understand the objective of each challenge and not the specific strategy necessary to solve it. But then again, figuring out the solution to the puzzle is what the game is all about.

Children of the Sun Challenges

Broken Home

Kill everyone in the level with a headshot.

A Vulture

Shoot the running cultist while he is moving.

Being Stuck

Shoot the gas tank of all three cars in the level, making them explode.

Removing Evidence

Shoot the bullet through the bonfire.

Hiding Bodies

Shoot both birds in the level.

Old Home

Shoot the bullet through the opening in the gate of the large building.

Gallery Of Heads

Kill at least two cultists with one shot. The easiest way is to make a car explode.

Occupied Village

Tag every enemy before killing the last one. Tagging them after the bullet has been shot counts, too.

Breaking Contact

Shoot the bullet through the hole in the roof of the building on the bridge.

Filled With Blood

Make the drifting car explode while it's close to the two cheering cult members, killing all three men.

Manufacturing Lies

Destroy the truck as it starts leaving the level. This might take a few minutes.

Losing Track

Shoot the bullet through a train cart. The bullet has to fly through the entire length of the cart.

Gas Station

Kill every enemy except the one inside the building by making cars and gas tanks explode.

Main Street

Make the bullet travel 350 meters in total.

Open Mic

Start by killing the heavy armor cult member standing at the very center of the building.

This Is No Paradise

Fly the bullet across the three interconnected rooms on the floor level.


Make a car explode after the bullet has been deviated by the psychic cultist's protective sphere.

Bury Your Past

Shoot the bullet through the debris floating in the air.

Surveil The Dead

Wait for the timer to run out.

Enter The Heart

Kill the two psychic cult members in the level one after another.

Valley Path

Finish the level by only hitting enemies directly. Avoid killing birds and making cars explode.

How To Solve The Idolatry Challenge

Children of the Sun Challenges Explained

Many players seem to find the Idolatry challenge particularly difficult. But while this looks like one of the hardest challenges to overcome in Children Of The Sun, it is actually quite straightforward. It's only a matter of precision, after all, though it can also be a question of trial and error. The picture above shows the ideal position to shoot from, looking slightly to the left of two trees above the gas tank.

To complete this challenge, players have to ricochet the bullet against the yellow orb surrounding the cultist stuck in midair and into the gas tank of a truck on the other side of the map. While doing so, players can't use their powers to move the bullet while it's in the air. This can be really hard, but it gets a lot easier by shooting multiple times from the same position at slightly different angles.

Platform(s) PC Released February 1, 2024 Developer(s) René Rother Genre(s) Action , Strategy , Shooter

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