Clash Royale: Best Boost Fields Challenge Deck

Clash Royale’s boost fields challenge can be a bit tricky for players, but there is an extremely powerful deck that players can use.

Clash Royale: Best Boost Fields Challenge Deck

Supercell is back with another exciting event for Clash Royale fans known as Boost Fields. As a result, fans are quite curious to know what is the best Clash Royale deck they should to gain an edge over their opponents.

While the battlefield might not seem that significant in Clash Royale, it actually plays a pivotal role in the entire strategy of the game. Precisely, the river dividing the two halves of the battlefield is extremely crucial in determining the temp of the attack, as not all units can go past it. Challenges are eagerly awaited by Clash Royale fans, and this time around players have an interesting one to face. The Boost Fields event adds a new twist to Clash Royale by altering the battlefield itself, alongside other things. Here is the best deck for the Boost Fields event.

What Is Boost Fields?

Clash Royale: Best Boost Fields Challenge Deck

Boost Fields is a unique game mode that completely eliminates the river and bridges from the battlefield, turning it into a vast stretch of land. While regular restrictions of dropping units apply, there is another aspect, which is the addition of boosts. Boosts are items that spawn on the battlefield from time to time and will give players added perks.

While Rage boosts movement and attack speed, Heal can be quite handy in ensuring that the troops have a bit more health when they reach the other side of the field. Clone can turn the tide of the battle by multiplying your troops, while Invisibility can be an extremely good tactical boost. Miner, Goblin Barrel, and Drill aren't available in Boost Fields, which makes sense considering that they would pretty much be broken considering the nature of the mode.

Best Deck For Boost Fields

  • Skeletons Evolution
  • Hog Rider
  • Musketeer
  • Fireball
  • Ice Golem
  • Ice Spirit
  • Log
  • Cannon

The best deck for the Boost Fields event is actually one of the most hated yet most popular decks in Clash Royale, the dreaded 2.6 Hog Cycle. Considering that grabbing the boosts forms a predominant part of the game mode and can significantly change the result of the match, it is crucial to have a deck that has a low average elixir cost. This is where the 2.6 average elixir cost fits in perfectly.

As far as the rest of the strategy goes, this is one of those decks that most Clash Royale players will be extremely familiar with. The strategy is quite simple, players will use Hog Rider and Ice Golems for their pushes, while Cannon and Musketeer are great for defense. Additionally, Ice Golem can be used as a tank for defense as well. Log and Fireball are quite versatile and can be used on either side of the battlefield, depending on the situation. Ice Spirits and Skeletons allow for quick cycling, and sometimes can also be used to chip in some damage behind Hog Riders or hold off tanks for longer when an aggressive push is coming. The fast cycle of the deck should allow players to grab the spells pretty quickly, giving them a significant advantage on the battlefield.

Platform(s) Android , iOS Released March 2, 2016 Developer(s) Supercell Publisher(s) Supercell

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