Clever Destiny 2 Fan Turns Their Warlock Into X-Men’s Wolverine

An inventive Destiny 2 player takes inspiration from the iconic Marvel superheroes to create a costume just like Wolverine’s.

Clever Destiny 2 Fan Turns Their Warlock Into X-Men's Wolverine


  • A Destiny 2 player showed off their creativity by crafting a Wolverine costume using in-game customization options.
  • The costume mimics Wolverine's iconic yellow-and-blue uniform, complete with matching shaders for color accuracy.
  • By focusing on fashion pursuits, players can stay engaged with Destiny 2 even as new expansions bring significant changes.

An inventive Destiny 2 player has created a custom character costume based on the look of iconic X-Men member Wolverine. The player used the custom parts and armor available to a Destiny 2 Warlock Guardian to approximate Wolverine's appearance.

The creativity of players using the customization options available to them in Destiny 2 is well-known. Even before developer Bungie introduced the ability to freely choose the appearance of a character's armor using the armor ornament system, players were taking advantage of the game's vast selection of armor and shaders to recreate their favorite characters. Ranging from iconic Bungie alumni like Master Chief to pop culture figures like Marty McFly.

The Destiny 2 Wolverine costume, based partially on the character's iconic yellow-and-blue X-Men uniform, was created by a member of the DestinyFashion subreddit community. They based their costume idea on a Warlock costume almost used by a member of the YouTuber ToadSmoothie's raid team. ToadSmoothie created a video featuring their team participating in the Crota's End Raid using customized character builds themed after members of the X-Men, and though their Warlock, Duck, eventually used a Nightcrawler-based build, they briefly showed off the Wolverine costume that could have been.

Destiny 2 Wolverine Costume Inspired by YouTuber's Raid Team

The Wolverine character costume combines a series of shaders to match the character's color blocking, but the key item is the Hawk's Fury hood, which features a pair of wing-shaped protrusions that ly match the shape of Wolverine's mask. The Shadow Broker robes from the Destiny 2 Mass Effect crossover costumes bulks out the character's silhouette, while the Forbidden Visage boots from Beyond Light add the telltale flares seen on the tops of Wolverine's footwear. The character is also made "combat-ready" thanks to equipping a pair of exotic gloves: the Claws of Ahamkara, sporting the Beast Whisperer ornament.

Commenters praised the costume, paying particular attention to the color scheme, which uses a number of different shaders to get the right mix of patterns. The Cargulo Bristle, Chrome Stock, Angel's Gleam, and Eventide Cheer shaders are all employed cleverly to ensure that the Destiny 2 Wolverine costume properly mixes bright yellow and bright blue. One commenter even mentioned how the player's Wolverine looks like they could've stepped out of an episode of X-Men '97.

It's encouraging to see players continue to exercise creativity using Destiny 2's systems. With new expansions like The Final Shape coming to significantly overhaul the game's progression, having alternative pursuits like fashion to focus on can help players stay engaged with the game as changes set in.

Platform(s) PS5 , PS4 , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , Xbox One , PC , Stadia Released August 28, 2017 Developer(s) Bungie Publisher(s) Bungie Genre(s) FPS

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