Commander Shepard Actor Addresses Mass Effect 4 Status

One of the voice actors behind Commander Shepard addresses the possibility of the iconic protagonist returning in the upcoming Mass Effect 4.

Commander Shepard Actor Addresses Mass Effect 4 Status


  • Jennifer Hale hasn't heard from BioWare about appearing in Mass Effect 4 yet, but she's open to it.
  • Jennifer Hale voiced the female version fo Shepard in the original Mass Effect trilogy.
  • Mass Effect 4 details are scarce, leaving Hale and fans eagerly awaiting news on Shepard's fate.

Jennifer Hale, one of the talented voice actors behind Mass Effect’s legendary hero Commander Shepard, hasn’t heard from BioWare about possibly appearing in the upcoming Mass Effect 4. In classic RPG fashion, the original three Mass Effect games gave players the ability to fully customize their protagonist, down to selecting their gender. This choice resulted in Shepard being voiced by two different actors, with Mark Meer playing the male version and Jennifer Hale stepping into the role of the female Shepard.

Jennifer Hale was already a renowned voice actor in video games and animation by the time she first played Commander Shepard in the original Mass Effect in 2007, and her performance helped make the affectionately named “FemShep” a fan favorite throughout the entire trilogy. While the controversial ending to 2011’s Mass Effect 3 seemed to provide a definitive conclusion to Shepard’s story, Hale has expressed interest in returning for Mass Effect 4. Sure enough, fans have debated whether the next Mass Effect game should bring Shepard back or shift the spotlight to a new protagonist like Mass Effect Andromeda did.

If Commander Shepard is returning in Mass Effect 4, Jennifer Hale hasn’t heard of it yet. She confirmed this during an interview with Dexerto, stating that she has yet to be contacted by either BioWare or EA about coming back in the next Mass Effect game. However, she added that she would jump at the chance to return if asked, and advised fans to let EA and BioWare know that they want to see Shepard again by emailing and campaigning if they really want them to return.

Commander Shepard Actor Addresses Mass Effect 4 Status

Mass Effect 4 Is Still a Mystery

Very few details about Mass Effect 4 have been revealed since the long-awaited sequel was announced back in 2020. The Mass Effect 4 teaser trailer confirmed that popular squadmate Liara T’Soni will appear. Over the past couple of years, eager fans have been picking apart any social media post and promotional image for clues about Mass Effect 4, with one such post seemingly hinting that Shepard will indeed return following the conclusion of Mass Effect 3.

Said conclusion made it rather unlikely that players would ever see Commander Shepard again. Maybe Mass Effect 4 will feature Commander Shepard in some capacity, but so far Jennifer Hale hasn’t heard from EA or BioWare about stepping into Shepard’s N7 armor once again. Of course, much of the next Mass Effect is still shrouded in secrecy, meaning that both Hale and the fanbase will have to stay tuned for any more clues about its plot or characters.

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