Complete Botany Manor’s First Chapter With this Guide

Botany Manor Chapter 1 can be completed with ease by following this helpful walkthrough.

Complete Botany Manor's First Chapter With this Guide

Botany Manor is a relaxing puzzle game set in a stately 19th-century Manor house. Players step into the shoes of retired botanist Arabella Green as they learn how to create all kinds of flora and flora. Players' Botany Manor journey begins with Chapter 1 'A Fresh Start', where they grow a mysterious volcanic plant called Windmill Wort. However, when first starting the game, it can be helpful to follow a Chapter 1 walkthrough to solve the puzzles necessary to grow Windmill Wort and exit the conservatory.

This beautiful gardening game gives players a few puzzles to solve to fill in the pages of their Herbarium book, which are necessary steps to grow the lush red-petaled Windmill Wort plant. However, some of the steps can be a little tricky for beginner Botany players to decipher. Fortunately, this guide lights the way to breaking the mist surrounding any puzzles that might stump some players, enabling them to proceed to the next Chapter

Botany Manor Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Find The Herbarium And Enter The Second Room

Complete Botany Manor's First Chapter With this Guide

Players begin Botany Manor Chapter 1 inside the greenhouse in a room with shelves and a large table in the center. To open the door and start growing plants, players first need to interact with a few items around the room:

1. Read the Letter from the Groundskeeper on the table nearest the wall.

2. Open the Parcel next to the Letter. The Parcel is addressed to Arabella, who players can now see lives in Somerset — a clue that will come in handy later. Opening the Parcel gives players the Herbarium book, something players will need to use to fill in clues as they proceed through the Chapter.


Players can now read through the first few pages of the Herbarium for some more key information, including a chapter list, maps to populate, and more. Head through the stained glass door to the second room in the conservatory, which should now be open.


Grow Windmill Wort

It's now time to plant and grow Windmill Wort, which players must do before they can exit the conservatory. It's a process that fans of relaxing puzzle games will likely enjoy, as it takes a bit of figuring out. To grow Windmill Wort in Botany Manor, players should follow the below steps:

1. Search the room for three clues to help grow Windmill Wort. These are:

  • A postcardfrom Marianne on the table from Sicily. There is also a newspaper on the table which talks about a thick smog.
  • A temperature chart on the chalkboard informs players of the various ideal temperatures to grow plants, including Windmill Wort.
  • Next to the temperature chart is a poster that tells players Windmill Wort is a volcanic plant, which is the final clue.


2. Open the Herbarium and click on each box of the Windmill Wort page to add all three clue notes from the page afterward.

Complete Botany Manor's First Chapter With this Guide

3. Head to the table on the left and, in the middle of the table, note the potting instructions on how to pot plants on the left. To begin potting, grab some soil from the bag on the right and select the pot in the middle to scoop it into the pot.


4. Select the collect seeds option from the wooden drawers on the left to add Windmill Wort seeds into the pot, sprinkling them into the soil.

5. Water the seeds using the blue watering can to grow a tiny Windmill Wort sprout. You can also pick up the pot and click on it to investigate the growth of the seedling further. However, it won't grow any further by itself without one final step.

6. To grow the Windmill Wort plant fully, head to the red circular valve on the right near the window. Turn the red handle until the temperature gauge reaches 60 degrees, the optimum temperature for Windmill Wort to grow as hinted in the postcard.

Complete Botany Manor's First Chapter With this Guide

7. Pick up the Windmill Wort pot and place it on the table in front of the Heat Vent on the far right side of the table. Switch the Heat Vent on using the red button to blast the young Windmill Wort plant with hot air, growing it until a beautiful, fully-grown, red-flowered Windmill Wort plant.


Successfully growing Windmill Wort clears the strange yellow-tinged fog blocking the conservatory's exit, enabling players to open the door and leave it when they like. Exiting the conservatory takes players into a stunning garden area with various colored hedges, where they can admire the grand conservatory in all its glory.

Complete Botany Manor's First Chapter With this Guide

Stepping out into the garden completes Botany Manor Chapter 1. Players can now proceed with Botany Manor Chapter 2. Following that, learn to grow plants like Pixie Tears and Wolfglove in Botany Manor Chapter 3 and beyond as players explore more of the Manor and grounds to uncover the mysteries of all plant species.

Platform(s) PC , Nintendo Switch , Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S Released April 9, 2024 Developer(s) Balloon Studios Publisher(s) Whitethorn Games

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