Controversial Pokemon GO Update Seems to Be Causing Problems With Buddy Pokemon

Pokemon GO players are encountering all kinds of glitches and technical issues following the introduction of the game’s controversial new update.

Controversial Pokemon GO Update Seems to Be Causing Problems With Buddy Pokemon


  • Pokemon GO's recent update has caused chaos for players, affecting the buddy and avatar systems.
  • Players are sharing examples of glitches online, with avatars sporting unusually long necks and Pokemon clipping through the ground.
  • Despite the update issues, Pokemon GO continues to receive support and new updates, keeping the game fresh and engaging.

Pokemon GO players are encountering issues following a controversial update that was recently released for the game. Players are sharing their own first-hand examples of these issues online, which directly affect Pokemon GO's buddy system. When Pokemon GO first launched back in 2016, it was a pretty bare-bones experience, albeit anchored by very engaging augmented reality features. However, Pokemon GO has continued to receive support from developer Niantic, with new updates completely revitalizing the game.

Though there are many entries in the long-running Pokemon series, Pokemon GO is perhaps the most innovative and unique title, allowing players to capture Pokemon from their own smartphone devices. Players can download the game for free and quickly begin hunting down a huge variety of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Players are encouraged to always keep looking, with rare variants of Pokemon always lurking around every corner.

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO's new Rediscover Update has caused chaos for players using the buddy and avatar systems, with some players sharing examples of these glitches online. Reddit user Anxious-Ad1450 shared an image of their avatar with an unusually long neck, calling on Niantic to "fix your game." Pokemon GO continues to feel fresh thanks to new updates and content, allowing the mobile game to stay at the top of the charts. However, Pokemon GO's newest update has caused quite a bit of trouble for its passionate fan base.

Pokemon GO Update Causes Issues for Buddy System

This new update focuses on changes for both players and the franchise's original 151 Kanto Pokemon, overhauling the game's avatar system as well. This new update was split into four parts, with the first leg of the new Rediscover Yourself update recently debuting. This update has brought a plethora of issues to Pokemon GO, affecting both the buddy and avatar systems. Another Reddit user, Alexander_Nox_Gas, shared an image of their avatar walking beside their Gardevoir, which had clipped through the ground.

The buddy system was introduced in September 2016, fundamentally changing the Pokemon GO experience for players. Buddy Pokemon dole out Pokemon-specific candy based on players meeting certain walking distance goals. Players can choose which Pokemon to keep as a buddy, which in turn allows them to upgrade and strengthen their Pokemon GO collection. Players seeking a complete Pokedex in Pokemon GO will need to catch a whopping 845 different Pokemon, though this does not include different variants, with the number also depending on what part of the world players are located in as well as when they started playing.

Franchise Pokemon Platform(s) iOS , Android Released July 6, 2016 Developer(s) Niantic , The Pokemon Company Publisher(s) Niantic Genre(s) Augmented Reality

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