Counter-Strike 2 Releases New Update

Counter-Strike 2 receives a new update that introduces a handful of UI improvements and bug fixes after the recent Major helps boost player numbers.

Counter-Strike 2 Releases New Update


  • Counter-Strike 2's latest patch fixes minor bugs and UI issues, but fans are still waiting for a major update to address bigger problems.
  • Despite some drawbacks like stability issues and lack of official casual modes, CS2's player base remains strong with over 900,000 concurrent Steam users.
  • Valve's iconic FPS will likely continue to receive major updates, as concurrent player numbers have steadily rebounded and the game has reclaimed the top spot on Steam.

Counter-Strike 2 has received an update that implements a handful of bug fixes and UI improvements. While a new update is almost always a welcome addition, Counter-Strike 2 fans continue to wait for a major one that addresses some of the game's more significant issues.

Counter-Strike 2 released in September of last year and, unsurprisingly, attracted tons of players right off the bat. Although the game's player base is perfectly healthy with an average of over 900,000 concurrent Steam users during the last 30 days, there are still some drawbacks in Valve's newest FPS like stability issues, lackluster support for community servers, and a lack of official casual modes seen in the series' previous title. While Valve likely plans to address at least some of these issues in future updates, CS2's newest patch solves other problems.

Counter-Strike 2's April 16 update fixes two bugs, one that caused the bomb to sometimes disappear from the radar and another that caused Workshop tools to crash when compiling maps. As for UI improvements, the first one allows users to select the sticker icon underneath a weapon to scrape or remove stickers, and the other lets users delete empty storage units that have an assigned label. The minor update comes in at just over 30 MB. Many in the Counter-Strike community responded to the patch with the classic empty fridge GIF that suggests disappointment, with most being unsurprised that it was only a minor update.

Counter-Strike 2's major updates have so far been pretty rare and hard to predict, with the last one coming in late February. That update adjusted how spawn locations work in a variety of maps, fixed lots of bugs, and introduced other minor improvements. As the successor to one of the greatest FPS games of all time, it's basically a certainty that CS2 will continue receiving major updates in the future; it's just a matter of when and how often.

After the initial hype surrounding CS2's launch died down, the franchise experienced a dip in player numbers largely due to CS2 replacing CS:GO, making some of the older game's beloved features impossible to access. However, player numbers have steadily rebounded, and in terms of concurrent users, the game is currently the healthiest it's been since September 2023 when CS2 first released. The most recent wave of growth can be partially attributed to the Copenhagen Major in late March that generated plenty of excitement around the game.

Back in February, CS2's player numbers dipped enough that the game was briefly overtaken by Helldivers 2 on Steam's concurrent user rankings. But fortunately, Valve's iconic FPS has returned to its place atop Steam's charts, often hitting a daily peak of over 1.5 million users over the last month.

Counter-Strike 2 Patch Notes for April 16 Update

  • Fixed a bug where bomb can sometimes disappear from the radar
  • Allow scraping or removing stickers by selecting the sticker icons under the weapon
  • Allow deleting empty storage units that have an assigned label
  • Fixed Workshop tools from crashing when compiling maps that contain instances

Franchise Counter-Strike Platform(s) PC Released September 27, 2023 Developer(s) Valve Publisher(s) Valve Genre(s) FPS

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