Creative Fan Art Imagines Pokemon as Popular Candies

A talented artist has posted impressive fan art that gives different Pokemon sweet-themed makeovers, basing the new looks on classic candies.

Creative Fan Art Imagines Pokemon as Popular Candies


  • Unique fan art reimagines Pokemon as popular candies, with Lickitung as BubbleTape and Sizzlipede as Fruit by the Foot.
  • Fans were impressed with the creativity, theorizing what candied Pokemon would taste like.
  • The Pokemon community continues to grow with talented artists creating unique fan art pieces.

A talented Pokemon fan has reimagined Lickitung and Sizzlipede as candy in two creative pieces of fan art. Since Nintendo’s franchise came to life on the original Game Boy in 1996, many fans have showcased their love of Pokemon through creative outlets, either by reimagining monsters or creating entirely new Pokemon.

With the developers slowly introducing regional variations of established pocket monsters, fans have been busy creating their regional forms of Pokemon, including reimagining Bronzor as a Fighting-type. However, one fan has chosen a rather unique way of combining Pokemon with candy to produce some interesting artwork.

Over on Reddit, the user by the handle of BigInHell has posted a couple of pieces of artwork showcasing Pokemon as candy. The first image shows what the Gen-1 Lickitung would look like if their innards were made up of BubbleTape. The picture shows BubbleTape has replaced the Normal-type monster’s long tongue as it pays homage to the original bubble gum packaging.

Artist Imagines Pokemon As Different Types Of Candy

The second piece of art focuses on the Gen-8 Fire/Bug-type monster Sizzlipede and imagines what the Pokemon would look like as a Fruit by the Foot roll. Fans are understandably impressed with the OP’s creations and are currently theorizing what the candied Pokemon would taste like. BigInHell’s fans are praising the OP’s choice of using Sizzlipede. Like many monsters introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the fire-bug has largely been forgotten, despite appearing in one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch.

The work by BigInHell is just the latest in a long line of appreciation posts within the Pokemon community. A talented artist recently added Cutifly to a shop-bought painting, which wowed fans when it was completed. The Bug-Type Pokemon was seamlessly blended into the painting, with the artist fully matching the style of the original.

With fans like BigInHell still creating unique pieces of fan art, it is clear that the Pokemon franchise remains as relevant as ever. While players wait to see what happens when the seemingly inevitable Generation 10 is announced, there are still several games for fans to look forward to. Niantic has teased the next 10 years of Pokemon GO, saying that there has been a lot of investment into the game to keep it going for the next decade. For those players who prefer console gaming, Pokemon Legends Z-A is scheduled to release in 2025 for Nintendo Switch and is set to take players back to the Kalos region.

Created by Satoshi Tajiri

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