Crow Country: Crypt Gravestone Puzzle Solution (& How to Open Utility Corridor Safe)

The Crypt can be a bit scary on the first visit in Crow Country, with a ticking clock and a shotgun pointing right at you, so here’s what to do.

Crow Country: Crypt Gravestone Puzzle Solution (& How to Open Utility Corridor Safe)

Navigating Crow Country in the search for Mr Crow means braving the various dangers of the abandoned park. This includes an assortment of monsters, traps, and devious puzzles. One early puzzle that might prove a little tricky is found in the Crypt. On entering the Crypt, Mara finds herself held at gunpoint by an arm emerging from beneath a clock. As the clock ticks, it's very easy to get in a panic and miss the crucial clues found around the Crypt.

Crow Country's Crypt isn't actually too difficult to solve, once you find the note from the park's former staff about how to guide children through the puzzle if they get stuck. With this information, it becomes much easier to work out how to spin the heads on each of the tombstones into the correct positions and open the path out of the Crypt. Beyond the Crypt, in the Utility Corridor, players will find both a save point and a safe. The clue to open the safe is found nearby, and connects back to the Crypt Puzzle, so this guide will cover how to solve the Crypt and get the safe open.

How to Solve the Crypt Gravestone Puzzle

Crow Country: Crypt Gravestone Puzzle Solution (& How to Open Utility Corridor Safe)

After entering the Crypt and taking a step or two forward, the gate behind you will slam closed and the clock will start ticking. Don't panic, you've got all the time in the world to solve this, despite what the constant ticking implies. Check the bottom right corner of the room to find a Staff Notice, which offers three clues to help solve the puzzle.


The notice says that only the names on the graves are important (for now) and that the floor of the room is important. On the floor is a compass, and all of the names start with the letters "N", "S", "E", or "W." What you need to do, therefore, is point the head atop each tombstone in the direction suggested by their name. If they have two names, this means you need to point Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, or Southeast, based on the first letter of each name.

Once the puzzle is solved, the gates will open. Unfortunately, trying to leave will cause a monster to break through a wall, forcing you to fight. You can either unload bullets into its head until it dies or lure it out of the way and then run into the opening behind the wall it broke. In that opening there is a switch that will bring the gate down, allowing you to head upstairs and escape.

How to open the Utility Corridor Safe


In the Utility Corridor upstairs, above the Crypt, you can find a safe with a book nearby. The book is called "Tom B. Stone, The Year Soulina Died." Sure enough, entering the date Soulina died into the safe's keypad will cause it to open, allowing you to get the crank handle that was stashed inside.

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