Day One Xbox Game Pass Game for June 4 Should Appeal to Stardew Valley Fans

A new Xbox Game Pass game coming to the subscription service on June 4 may appeal to fans of Stardew Valley.

Day One Xbox Game Pass Game for June 4 Should Appeal to Stardew Valley Fans


  • Xbox Game Pass offers multiple Stardew Valley-style games, with Rolling Hills set to join the lineup on June 4.
  • Rolling Hills, a new day one game on Xbox Game Pass, features a robot and sushi restaurant management.
  • Rolling Hills looks like a potential sleeper hit on Xbox Game Pass, offering adorable graphics and engaging life sim elements.

A newly confirmed day one Xbox Game Pass game for June 4, Rolling Hills, may appeal to fans of life sim games like Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley led the charge when it came to the life sim/cozy game renaissance, inspiring all kinds of similar games that offer their own unique twists on the concept. There are multiple Stardew Valley-style games readily available on Xbox Game Pass, including Stardew Valley itself.

Xbox Game Pass has a variety of games that have clearly taken some inspiration from Stardew Valley. Among the Stardew Valley-like games on Xbox Game Pass are Disney Dreamlight Valley, Coral Island, Lightyear Frontier, My Time at Portia, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, and others. Within the next couple of months, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have yet another Stardew Valley-like game to check out with their subscription.

Rolling Hills is coming to Xbox Game Pass on June 4 as a day one game. Players take on the role of a robot living in the titular Rolling Hills, a Stardew Valley-like village, where players are free to interact with the townsfolk all the while running their own sushi restaurant. Even though the game features a robot and restaurant management elements, it still gives off serious Stardew Valley vibes, so fans of ConcernedApe's classic should definitely keep Rolling Hills on their radar.

Rolling Hills Trailer

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