Destiny 2 Fail Turns Into Awesome Dreaming City Discovery

A Destiny 2 player misses a jump but instead uncovers an interesting way to access a different part of The Dreaming City.

Destiny 2 Fail Turns Into Awesome Dreaming City Discovery


  • A Destiny 2 player discovers a hidden out-of-bounds area in Dreaming City thanks to a mistimed jump, uncovering an old Ascendant Plane location.
  • Bungie may have left this part of Ascendant Plane in the game simply because it was easier than removing it, as other parts of the Ascendant Plane can still be accessed via weekly challenges.
  • According to players, there are other Ascendant Plane access points that can be found if players jump off specific areas in the Dreaming City, which is certainly interesting.

A Destiny 2 player has rediscovered an old part of the game thanks to a mistimed jump in the Dreaming City. With each passing year, Bungie releases new expansions for Destiny 2 that contain new areas and missions for gamers to explore.

The next expansion, The Final Shape, is set for release in June 2024 and as a prelude for the next chapter in the long-running First-Person Shooter, Bungie released the Into The Light update as a prelude to the next evolution of Destiny 2. While most guardians are looking forward to the future of the franchise, one player has managed to fall into the past thanks to an ill-timed jump.

A user going by the handle of CdnSasquatch on Reddit posted an unusual find within Destiny 2’s Dreaming City. The video shows the Guardian spawning in the Spine of Keres area, before launching off to the right of the bridge. Here, the player manages to fall out of bounds before landing in a misty black area. The area is part of the Ascendant Plane, an area where special events occurred in previous seasons of Destiny 2. As CdnSasquatch shows in their video, no enemies spawn and all loot appears to be removed, but the eerie out-of-bounds area can be explored by applying some well-timed jumps.

A Destiny 2 Player Finds A Hidden Map In The Dreaming City

At the time of writing, the post has gained 3k upvotes, with replies centering around the impressive find. This part of the Ascendant Plane has been out of commission for some time, as the area was sealed away by Bungie ahead of The Witch Queen expansion in 2022. However, instead of completely removing it from Destiny 2, Bungie hid the map underneath the Dreaming City and made it inaccessible to players. According to commenters, players can find other Ascendent Plane maps if they jump off the Dreaming City and fall in specific spots.

With players being unable to access this specific area through natural gameplay, it is worth wondering why it is still in the game. It could be that the map was left because it was easier for the developers to ringfence the area, rather than removing it entirely. After all, along with the latest Into The Light update, Bungie has also introduced a new Onslaught mode to Destiny 2 that would have required significant attention from the developers.

It remains to be seen if Bungie has any plans for this out-of-map area ahead of The Final Shape expansion in June 2024. The long-awaited expansion is set to bring the Light and Dark saga to its climax as the Guardians finally face off against The Witness in a battle that will see fan favorite characters return while players wield new powers in the form of the Prismatic Subclass.

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