Destiny 2 Players Are Still Calling For One Cosmetic Feature Several Years Later

Despite getting many changes to improve character cosmetics, one small-but-important feature still eludes some frustrated Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 Players Are Still Calling For One Cosmetic Feature Several Years Later

Over the years, Destiny 2 has seen many improvements and new features related to allowing players to further customize their characters, but one small but important character customization option, facial hair, has eluded fans of the game. In light of recent changes that addressed longtime complaints about player face customization in Destiny 2, some players have renewed calls for Bungie to add beards.

Destiny 2 has a well-earned reputation as a font for creativity in player outfits and armor, one that has only improved since Bungie introduced armor customization through the Universal Armor Ornament system. However, that flexibility has for years only extended as far as the player's clothing. Until very recently, players were completely unable to change their characters' hair and facial features once created. The change even impacted players who shifted from the original game, then to Destiny 2 in 2017 by importing their existing characters, meaning that for some players, their face and hair has remained the same for almost ten years.

That all changed in April 2024, with the debut of the game's latest major update, Destiny 2 Into the Light. The update added the limited ability for players to re-customize their characters' faces and hairstyles. While the update finally addressed one of the fanbase's longest-standing complaints, another, almost equally old complaint remains: the slate of face customizations in Destiny 2 completely lacks facial hair. User SnooChocolates3167 on the DestinyFashion Reddit community raised the issue again, highlighting that the request for beards and other facial hair options has persisted for nearly a decade.

Destiny 2 Facial Customization Options Still Lacking in Beards After Years

In their post on DestinyFashion, SnooChocolates3167 mentioned a 2020 request by user KoalaTeaGuy on the official Destiny 2 subreddit, which used a screenshot referencing a pivotal moment from Destiny 2: Forsaken. In that scene, the player's character confronts Awoken Prince Uldren Sov, who set the events of Forsaken into motion, and prepares to take revenge for the death of Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6. There, the player's character is shown with their helmet off, and KoalaTeaGuy edited the screenshot to add a beard to their human character's face, the better to illustrate the feature's dramatic potential.

Players on DestinyFashion roundly agreed with SnooChocolates3167, with some lamenting both the lack of beards and facial hair, as well as the limited head customizations in general. Some did concede, though, that the vast majority of Destiny 2 players tend to play with their helmets always on, making facial customization a moot point. Still others were hopeful, raising the possibility that further customization might eventually be possible, seeing as Into the Light added the ability for players to alter both their appearance and their character name.

Despite its reputation for allowing players to express themselves through character customization, Destiny 2 still falls short in some ways compared to some of its competition. With luck, perhaps The Final Shape or a future update will allow Bungie to fill in the remaining gaps and satisfy fans.

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