Destiny 2 Players Find Way to Cheese Onslaught Mode

Destiny 2 players find a way to cheese the Into the Light update’s new Onslaught mode and quickly deal with a certain boss encounter.

Destiny 2 Players Find Way to Cheese Onslaught Mode


  • Discover a new cheese spot in Destiny 2's Onslaught mode for quicker boss damage and efficiency in farming rewards.
  • Luckstruck9's cheese spot in Midtown is a game-changer, allowing fireteams to deal major damage against the Lightslayer boss.
  • Using this strategy helps players clear waves more easily, preserve heavy ammo, and earn the new BRAVE Arsenal weapons faster.

Destiny 2 players discovered a new way to cheese Onslaught mode and deal major damage more quickly during the Lightslayer boss encounter. The new cheese method can help Destiny 2 players clear Onslaught bosses and waves more efficiently, allowing them to farm more rewards in a long play session.

The recent Destiny 2 Into the Light update introduced Onslaught, a permanent and free three-player activity with tower defense elements. During an Onslaught activity, Destiny 2 players must protect large devices known as ADUs until the enemy wave count is depleted, or the device is destroyed. Onslaught is held on Crucible maps, but Bungie changed the map layout to take the PvE experience into account. After clearing waves of enemies and protecting the ADUs, players are rewarded with some of the best loot in Destiny 2, including The Recluse submachine gun and the Hung Jury scout rifle.

Destiny 2 player Luckstruck9 and his fireteam recently discovered a "cheese spot" for Onslaught, allowing them to quickly deal damage against the Lightslayer boss on Legend difficulty. In the Midtown section of Onslaught, Luckstruck9 placed a Well of Radiance in a well-protected corner during the damage phase. The section's dense pillars work well to provide cover against the Lightslayer's attacks as the fireteam shoots rocket launcher and sniper rounds. In a single damage phase, the first team was able to deplete the Lightslayer's health by more than half in just 50 seconds. The use of the Whisper of the Worm Exotic sniper rifle could deplete the boss' health even faster with damage buffs and critical hits.

Destiny 2 Players Use Cheese Spot During Lightslayer Onslaught Boss Fight

Some Destiny 2 players are delighted with Luckstruck9's new cheese spot for Onslaught, while others admit that they've already used this method while playing the mode with friends. Many players believe the cheese spot can be useful for Onslaught waves 40 through 50, as it helps fireteams receive less damage from combatants and preserve heavy ammo for damage phases against the boss. A well-rounded Destiny 2 Titan build for Onslaught can be helpful for defending ADUs and dealing damage as well.

Players can earn Destiny 2's new BRAVE Arsenal weapons more quickly by using Luckstruck9's new strategy. These weapons are obtained by opening the Onslaught reward chest, and completing attunement quests increases the chances of earning a BRAVE Arsenal drop by attuning to a specific weapon to farm. Some weapons are still unavailable from the loot pool until later weeks in April. For instance, the Mountaintop grenade launcher and Hammerhead machine gun will be available to obtain on April 16 and April 23, respectively.

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