Destiny 2 Reveals Rewarding Changes Coming to Onslaught Mode

Bungie announces changes coming to Destiny 2’s popular Onslaught mode, making it more rewarding for those who stick it out for all 50 waves.

Destiny 2 Reveals Rewarding Changes Coming to Onslaught Mode


  • Bungie is making Onslaught mode in Destiny 2 more rewarding with additional weapon drop chances for completing all 50 waves.
  • Players will now get a bonus weapon drop after completing wave 50, ensuring at least two weapons for finishing the full Onslaught.
  • These changes aim to keep the fireteam unified and encourage players to stick around for the full 50 waves of Onslaught.

In an upcoming patch, Bungie is about to make the 50 wave Onslaught mode more rewarding for Destiny 2 players by offering ways to earn additional weapon drops. Into The Light has been a big time boost to Destiny 2 after the game has seemingly been stuck in a rough patch the past few months as a result of an expansion delay, internal issues at Bungie, and player burnout from an extended season.

Even with The Final Shape expansion now just weeks away, players have seemingly comeback to Destiny 2 thanks to Into The Light. The free event added a highly requested Horde/Firefight style mode called Onslaught, letting a team of three take on waves of enemies while attempting to defend a central location from being destroyed. The event has also brought back 12 fan favorite Destiny 2 weapons into a new category called the BRAVE Arsenal, including Mountaintop, Recluse, Luna's Howl, and more. With some players leaving Onslaught rounds early, Bungie is announcing plans to make sticking around more rewarding than ever.

In response to the feedback it had been receiving from players, Bungie announced upcoming plans to make Onslaught more rewarding and to incentivize it for players to stick around for all 50 waves. Players have been attempting to maximize ways to farm Lord Shaxx's Hype reputation, discovering that the first 10 or 20 waves was easy enough to farm and then leave to start over. Naturally, leaving early puts the rest of the Fireteam in a tough spot, attempting to defend the ADU device for another 30 waves being a person down. So, in an attempt to keep the three person fireteam unified, players are going to be better rewarded for their time.

How to Earn More Weapon Drops From Onslaught

To incentivize sticking around, Bungie is increasing the chance for one additional weapon to drop whenever a wave is completed. The percentage will rise after every wave is completed until the weapon finally drops, with Wave 50 guaranteeing a weapon drop for those who have not yet received one. In addition, Completing wave 50 on either Normal or Legendary will drop a bonus weapon, which guarantees at least 2 weapon drops for finishing the full Onslaught experience. Considering that new BRAVE Arsenal weapons are being added to Destiny 2 each week, this change should be a good way to farm weapons as well as Shaxx reputation.

Finally, the Tweets addressed the recent discussion regarding the ability to reset Lord Shaxx's vendor reputation earned from Destiny 2's Onslaught mode in the Hall of Champions. Many players have reached max Hype reputation with Shaxx and have been curious as to why there's no way to reset the vendor as there is with others in the Tower and elsewhere. While some Destiny 2 players chalked it up to a bug, Bungie confirmed that there isn't a way to reset Shaxx's Hype reputation and that the studio never intended for it to be an option anyway, so what players are seeing is completely normal. Bungie also teased that the studio looked into adding that functionality, but for whatever reason, it wasn't feasible.

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