Diablo 4 All Trophies and Achievements List & How to Get Them

If you’re on your way to getting Platinum in Diablo 4, here’s our list of all Trophies and Achievements and a guide on how to get them.

Diablo 4 All Trophies and Achievements List & How to Get Them

As you travel through Sanctuary in Diablo 4, you will encounter various challenges and difficult battles. But if you have already reached heights and are enjoying the endgame, then you should pay attention to Achievements. Some of them are completed as you progress in the campaign, while others will require your attention. Therefore, in this guide, we have compiled a list of all Trophies and Achievements and will also tell you how to get them in Diablo 4.

Even though Diablo 4 doesn't have many Achievements, getting Platinum is really difficult, since you have to create new characters with different classes to complete some of the challenges. But let's talk about everything in order.

How to Get Every Diablo 4 Trophies and Achievements

Diablo 4 All Trophies and Achievements List & How to Get Them

There are a total of 25 Achievements in Diablo 4 that you can complete to get Platinum. Don't confuse them with Challenges, of which there are over 400 in the game. As we said, some of these 25 Trophies are very easy to get just by progressing through the story. However, others will take much longer. But don’t worry, because you just need to use the table below to get everything every Diablo 4 Trophy and Achievement.

Achievement Trophy How to Get
Arise, Champion Platinum Complete all Achievments.
Emancipation Bronze Complete all 6 Campaign Acts and Epilogue.
Dedicated Protector Bronze Reach level 50 playing as any character. Almost at the end of the Сampaign you will get the level you need for the Еrophy.
Exterminator Bronze Kill 666 Snakes or Spiders. These enemies can be found throughout Sanctuary. But we recommend that you visit Shadowed Plunge and Scorched Orchards to farm Snakes and Spiders respectively.
Undead Undone Bronze You must kill 666 Ghosts, Skeletons, or Zombies. Although this may seem like a challenge, in reality you can easily get this Trophy while you are working on the Campaign or other Achievements.
Legion Killer Bronze You must kill 666 Demons, Fallen, or Goatmen. As with the previous Achievement, this is easy to do by simply exploring Sanctuary.
Turned Bronze Kill 666 Drowned, Vampires, or Werewolves. Just visit Condemned Mines and you will find as many victims for this Trophy as you want.
Tortured Souls Bronze You must kill 666 Bandits, Cultists, or Knights. You will need to reach Kehjistan to begin hunting these enemies.
Shifty Swipes Silver Kill 50 enemies in Werebear form and 50 enemies in Werewolf form while playing as the Druid class. Use Maul and Claw skills to transform into the desired form and tear apart your enemies.
Army of Bones Silver Summon 100 Skeleton Mages or Warriors as the Necromancer class. It is a basic Necromancer skill, so you only need to use it 100 times.
In and Out Silver You must kill 50 enemies in melee range and 50 enemies out of melee range while playing as the Rogue class. The trick is that you don't need a melee weapon to do this. Instead, you can use the bow against enemies who are close enough to melee you.
Master of the Elements Silver Kill 100 enemies with Fire, Frost, or Lightning damage while playing as the Sorcerer Class. All you have to do is select any elemental spell and use it to destroy all enemies in your way.
Convenient Crafts Silver You must craft any Elixir and any Incense. For Elixir, you can simply visit the Alchemist in any town. As for Incense, it can only be crafted upon reaching level 45, also by visiting the Alchemist.
Potent Alterations Silver Upgrade a piece of Armor, Jewelry, and a Weapon. To do this, you just need to visit Blacksmith and Jeweler in the town.
Living Nightmares Silver You must complete a Sacred and Ancestral Nightmare Dungeon. To do this, complete the Campaign and the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. Then you will have to farm Sacred and Ancestral Nightmare Sigils to unlock Dungeons.
Turning the Tides Silver You must collect 1000 Aberrant Cinder in Helltide zones. It also requires you to beat the Campaign. Moreover, you need to reach World Tier 3. After this, Helltide zones will spawn in Sanctuary in which enemies will drop Aberrant Cinder.
Chaotic Whispers Silver You must unlock 10 Caches of Chaos from the Tree of Whispers. To fill this one Cache, players must collect 10 Grim Favors by performing various activities such as Whisper dungeon, world events, etc.
First Aid Silver Upgrade your Healing Potion to max. To achieve this you need to upgrade your Healing Potion 9 times with the help of the Alchemist. However, for the last upgrade, players need to be at least level 90.
Master Combatant Silver Kill five players in PvP. To do this, you need to visit one of the two Fields of Hatred zones and use the Mark for Blood emote there. We recommend that you prepare properly before completing this achievement.
Hammer Down Silver You must kill 50 enemies while Berserking as a Barbarian. In order to get Berserker you need to unlock or upgrade certain skills, such as The Enhanced Wacry or Wrath of the Berserker.
Worldly Slayer Gold You must kill any World Boss. They spawn approximately every 6 hours. But to receive an alert 15 minutes before spawn, you need to beat the Diablo 4 Campaign.
Estuar Sightseer Gold You must unfog all of Estuar. To do this, players need to explore every meter of the Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, Kehjistan, Dry Steppes and Hawezar regions.
Curious Collector Gold You need to imprint 10 items at the Occultist with an Aspect from the Codex of Power. It is another Trophy that you will receive while completing the rest Achievements. Just visit dungeons to farm Aspects and then visit the Occultist to use them.
True Perserverance Gold Reach level 50 with a Hardcore character. This is one of the most difficult Achievements, since any mistake will cost you the life of your character. Therefore, you need to do it only after you reach endgame with your main character.
Devoted Protector Gold Reach level 100 with any character. It's not as difficult as Hardcore, but more time-consuming. You will have to complete all available activities and events to increase the level. But even so, it will take you more than 50 hours to reach level 100 from level 50.
End of the First Mother Gold Beat Uber Lilith. She is of course the most difficult enemy in Diablo 4 since this is a level 100 boss. Therefore, you should use our tips to defeat her.

That's all you need to know about how to get all Diablo 4 Trophies and Achievements. Of course, it will take you a lot of time to complete all of them. But the coveted Platinum is worth all your efforts.

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