Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 10 Adding Animal Crossing-Like Feature

The creators of Disney Dreamlight Valley reveal a new Animal Crossing-like feature that will appear in the game’s upcoming Update 10.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 10 Adding Animal Crossing-Like Feature


  • Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 10 will let players receive and gifts from Valley Villagers, like in Animal Crossing.
  • The Update 10 release date is set for "early Spring," possibly in April or May.
  • Speculation surrounds the new content, with teasers for new buildings and the next Star Path.

The creators of the popular Disney Dreamlight Valley have recently revealed a new feature of the game’s next update: players will be able to receive mail from the Valley Villagers. This Animal Crossing-inspired feature could be a really neat improvement for Disney Dreamlight Valley, giving more depth to the interactions between players and these characters.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was originally released in early access back in 2022, reaching its 1.0 version at the end of 2023. Since then, the Disney title has received several updates. The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update was called “The Laugh Floor” and was released on February 28. This update added a new location, two new characters, a new Star Path, and much more, and players have been eagerly expecting more content since then.

Now, the developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley teased some of the content of the upcoming Update 10 on Twitter by revealing a new Animal Crossing-inspired feature. After the update, players will be able to receive regular mail and gifts from their favorite Valley Villagers. This announcement excited many gamers who loved the idea and prompted some of them to compare this feature to a similar one present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of the most popular cozy games on the market.

When Will The Disney Dreamlight Valley's Update 10 Be Released?

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley's Update 10 does not have an official release date yet, but it'll be out in "early Spring," so there's speculation that it will be around April or May.

Unfortunately for Disney Dreamlight Valley fans, the information about the upcoming Update 10 is relatively thin at the moment. It was already confirmed that the new update would be out in the “early spring,” but it does not have an official release date yet. So far, the game’s creator, Gameloft, has already teased more content such as new buildings, and revealed a few teasers for the next Star Path, but fans still need to wait for more solid information.

Overall, the idea of adding Animal Crossing-inspired content to Disney Dreamlight Valley is a pretty good one. Both games have similar cozy vibes and a strong focus on interaction with a village of cute characters. So, increasing the opportunities for gamers to interact with the Valley Villagers by allowing them to receive letters could potentially give more depth to the experience.

Apart from having these regular content updates, Disney Dreamlight Valley recently released its A Rift in Time expansion. The paid DLC is expected to add its second act, “The Spark of Imagination,” sometime during the spring. Its third and final act, “Treasures of Time,” is scheduled to release in the summer.

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