Dragon Age TV Adaptation Like Fallout Is a ‘Terrible Idea,’ Says Former Lead Writer

The former lead writer for BioWare’s epic RPG franchise Dragon Age believes that the series wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a TV adaptation.

Dragon Age TV Adaptation Like Fallout Is a ‘Terrible Idea,’ Says Former Lead Writer


  • Creating a TV adaptation of Dragon Age without its interactive elements could result in a basic fantasy tale, disappointing fans, says former lead writer.
  • David Gaider, co-creator of Dragon Age, believes other games like Disco Elysium or Banishers would make better live-action series.
  • Some fans argue that Dragon Age's unique locations, stories, and characters could still stand out in a live-action adaptation.

David Gaider, the former leader writer of the incredibly popular Dragon Age franchise has revealed that he doesn’t think creating a TV adaptation based on the series would be a great idea. The success of the recently released Fallout live-action series on Amazon Prime has gotten a lot of fans speculating about other popular games, like Dragon Age, that might result in a solid screen adaptation.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the release of the most recent game in the Dragon Age franchise, Inquisition, and fans are eagerly awaiting the next entry in the beloved fantasy role-playing series. David Gaider, a veteran developer who worked at BioWare for 16 years, is credited with co-creating the franchise, and he also authored several novels set in the Dragon Age universe. As such, even though Gaider has since left BioWare to join Beamdog and then Summerfall Studios, series fans still follow the skilled writer on social media.

In the wake of the overwhelmingly positive reception to The Last of Us screen adaptation and the successful launch of the Fallout TV show on April 10, many people are wondering what other games would carry over well into live-action. Curiously, David Gaider responded to one such thread on Twitter and stated that he thinks turning Dragon Age into a TV show would be a “terrible idea.” He went on to propose that Disco Elysium or Don’t Nod’s action RPG Banishers were better candidates for a live-action series.

Dragon Age Probably Wouldn't Suit a Live-Action Adaptation

Gaider supported his stance by explaining that, without its interactive and role-playing elements, Dragon Age is really just a “stock standard fantasy story." As a result, it would take quite a bit of work to transform the elements of each game into something that presented well onscreen, and it couldn’t just be a faithful adaptation like The Last of Us. This is a good point, and it’s possible that a Dragon Age live-action series could end up feeling like a basic fantasy tale, perhaps with a recognizable setting and lore, that would ultimately disappoint fans.

On the other hand, some players feel that the locations, stories, and characters in the Dragon Age games are unique enough to distinguish them from run-of-the-mill fantasy fare. Others think the novels penned by Gaider, with their digestible snapshots of key lore events and moments in the lives of popular Dragon Age characters, would make better choices for a TV adaptation. Nevertheless, just as there is little likelihood that The Elder Scrolls will ever see an adaptation for the big or small screen, Dragon Age will probably never see a live-action rendition. There are, however, books, comics, animated adaptations, and even a tabletop RPG based on the franchise for fans to enjoy instead.

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