Dragon’s Dogma 2: Where to Find Fell-Lord’s Bone

Find the Fell-Lord’s Bone crafting material in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

In Dragon's Dogma 2, players enhance their weapons using a wide variety of crafting materials that are found in the game world. Some of these items, like Goblin and Knacker horns, are easy to find, and will gather in the player's inventory practically on their own. However, Dragon's Dogma 2 also features several rare crafting items, like the Fell-Lord's Bone, that can prove surprisingly elusive for most players.

The Fell-Lord's Bone is one of DD2's rarest crafting materials. Only one enemy type drops this important resource, and is found in a very small number of hidden locations. Several mid-to-high level weapon enhancements utilize the Fell-Lord's Bone, causing many players to hit a roadblock when they cannot locate it. This guide will explain how to find and defeat the enemy that drops it, including all of its known locations.

How to Get Fell-Lord's Bone in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to Find Fell-Lord's Bone

The only way to get the Fell-Lord's Bone in Dragon's Dogma 2 is to defeat the Skeleton Lord enemy type. It would be unsurprsing if most players had never even heard of this enemy, as it is extremely rare The Skeleton Lord enemy is an extremely dangerous foe. Utilizing a similar moveset to DD2's Warrior vocation, it wields a massive sword that deals incredibly high damage to players of all levels. The Fell-Lord's Bone is the key item drop form the Skeleton Lord. it will almost always only drop one unit upon death.

Skeleton Lords are found in only a few remote areas of DD2's map, making them extremely difficult to acquire in high numbers. However, players who know their whereabouts, and understand the respawn cycle, can gather enough to upgrade a small number if weapons.

Where to Find Skeleton Lords in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to Find Fell-Lord's Bone

Remember, Skeleton Lords only appear at night. Heading to any of these locations during the day will not work. Sleep at a camp or inn until nightfall before heading out to collect the Fell-Lord's Bone.

There are several locations where players can find Skeleton Lords that drop Fell-Lord's Bone. This guide will focus on two guaranteed locations. They are as follows:

Western Vermund Skeleton Lord:

Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to Find Fell-Lord's Bone

The Skeleton Lord found in Western Vermund is located in an old, ruined tower. Players will find it heading east from the Checkpoint Rest Town. There are a number of roads that lead out of this small town, players will want to stick to the larger road/path that runs along the center of the region.

At the tower, players will encounter several smaller skeleton enemies before the Skeleton Lord emerges. The first time players defeat this enemy, it will drop the Flamberge, along with the Fell-Lord's Bone. A full description of how to defeat the Skeleton Lord is found in the next section.

Tomb of Ja'Nuwa Skeleton Lord:


The second Skeleton Lord is found in the Tomb of Ja'Nuwa in Battahl. This dungeon is found southwest of Bakbattahl. Because it is surround by several other caves, it is easier to see its exact location on the above map. Upon entering the tomb, the Skeleton Lord will be in the back of the main chamber. There is only one, so it is impossible to miss.

Other Skeleton Lord Locations:


There are other locations where Skeleton Lords have been reported, but they do not seem to spawn at these places consistently. A location that is regularly mentioned is the Ancestral Chamber, near the Sacred Arbor. It is said that a Skeleton Lord is located in the final chamber, near the locked door. However, there are times when it is not present.

Another location is the broken bridge that is found between the Checkpoint Rest Town and the Putrid Cave. Traveling along the main road out of the rest town, players will eventually reach a broken bridge. It is reported that on some nights, a Skeleton Lord will spawn on the end of one side of the bridge. This too, is not 100% consistent. Both locations mentioned earlier in the guide, the Tomb of Ja'Nuwa and the tower ruins, are guaranteed to spawn – and respawn — consistently.

Some enemies, such as the Lich , can spawn Skeleton Lords to fight with them. These enemies, despite having all the skill of a normal Skeleton Lord, do not reward the player with the Fell-Lord's Bone upon death.

How to Defeat the Skeleton Lord in Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2: Where to Find Fell-Lord's Bone

The Skeleton Lord is a deceptively difficult foe. They will often appear among lesser skeleton enemies, sometimes hiding amongst the crowd. Players will very quickly learn of their presence, usually with an attack that knocks them several yards away.

While any vocation can work to take down the Skeleton Lord, there is one that seems to work most effectively. This is the Fighter Vocation. This is almost completely due to the Fighter's ability to parry the Skeleton Lord's powerful attacks, rendering it vulnerable in a way that no other vocation truly can. Consider the following tactics:

  • Build around the parry system. Consider using the Counter/Vengeful Slash skill, especially if the parry window proves difficult. However, this will not leave the Skeleton Lord as vulnerable as a well-timed parry, so take the time to learn it.
  • Include a Mage with Ice Affinity in your party. Ice-imbued weapons and attacks can freeze the Skeleton Lord momentarily, allowing for significant damage to be done. Another option is to utilize a Sorcerer with Ice-based powers. This is extremely effective against the Skeleton Lord.
  • Use any buffs available. The easiest is simply eating at a campfire before the fight. Try using Aged meat for the best results. Bring Savagery Extracts if eating is not an option. Use the Verve and Mettle augments to boost Strength and Defense respectively. Ring of Requital boosts Strength after a successful deflect, which can be helpful in this fight.
  • The Skeleton Lord has several dangerous attacks. Watch out for its skewering attack, in which it runs with its sword pointed forward, much like the similar Warrior attack. This attack will skewer the Arisen, doing massive damage as it carries them for a distance. Also, look out for the Skeleton Lord's ability to teleport short distances. it will get behind you, and quickly attack. Nearly every attack that lands squarely is dangerous, so do your best to keep it in front of you, always ready to parry.

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