Dying Light 2 Update Adding Challenging New Game Mode

Players should prepare for a new Dying Light 2 mode reminiscent of the original game coming in the next content update.

Dying Light 2 Update Adding Challenging New Game Mode


  • Nightmare Mode in Dying Light 2 will offer new challenges and gameplay changes similar to the first game's Nightmare Mode, rewarding players seeking a tougher experience.
  • Players can expect disabled HUD elements, slower stamina regeneration, more reactive zombie chases, and a new enemy called the Tyrant in Nightmare Mode.
  • Techland is listening to player feedback, with the impending addition of Nightmare Mode and ongoing updates showing its commitment to the fan base.

Dying Light 2 is getting an additional way to play with Nightmare Mode. The system features new mechanics and gameplay changes similar to the Nightmare Mode of the original Dying Light. The increased difficulty comes with its own reward for players wanting a challenge in Dying Light 2.

Released in 2022, Dying Light 2 became one of the best horror games on Steam. It features a mix of zombie shooter tactics and survival mechanics in an open-world setting that can be played solo or co-op. There have been multiple character additions to the title, but players of the game have been asking for additional challenges.

In a Dev Blog on the Dying Light 2 Steam Page, Tymon Smektala of Techland went over some of the details of Nightmare Mode, which is releasing in the next update later this week. Based off the original Nightmare Mode, most of the HUD elements utilized in Story Mode have been disabled. With the goal of making players feel more immersed in the world, they'll need to use their wits and senses in order to spot enemies, use Boosters, and survive nighttime exploration. Even playing with others has seen tweaks, with fights scaled up to match the number of players participating.

Nightmare Mode Coming to Dying Light 2

Other changes include how stamina works. Titled Tactical Stamina, players will notice that it returns much slower. Coupled with more reactive zombie chases that escalate quicker, getting away from a hoard will take balance, skill, and some of the best ranged weapons in Dying Light 2. Additionally, if the chase goes on long enough, a new enemy known as the Tyrant will join the ranks. Players that last long enough to complete the game will earn an exclusive outfit.

The announcement quotes Techland's Game Designer, Jan Rajtar-Kruczynski, as saying "I had the most fun playing Nightmare in co-op – ever since the game’s launch!” Players can expect Dying Light 2's zombies to remain some of the most terrifying in the zombie game space. While Nightmare Mode is the focus of the announcement, other changes and fixes are also going to go live with the update.

The inclusion of Nightmare Mode comes on the heels of a Community Ideas post where the development team asked for feedback from players on what they want to see added to the game. Showcasing that they're making an effort to listen to the fan base, it's expected that other player suggestions will end up in the title. With Dying Light 2 recently celebrating its second anniversary, it can be assumed that the game will continue to receive updates for the foreseeable future.

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