Elden Ring Fan Shows Off Adorable Birthday Card, Complete With Character Stats

An Elden Ring fan shares a look at the thoughtful birthday card they received, which was perfectly themed to the iconic Soulslike game.

Elden Ring Fan Shows Off Adorable Birthday Card, Complete With Character Stats

The massive popularity of Elden Ring continues to produce a number of interesting fan creations, including a detailed birthday card with "real world" character stats. Unique fan-made Elden Ring crafts have frequently caught the attention of online communities, and this latest homemade gift has fans talking about the applicability of RPG statistics in daily life.

Released in 2022, Elden Ring earned a number of accolades, including multiple Game of the Year titles. The Soulslike RPG has been praised for its gameplay, worldbuilding, and graphics, with many considering Elden Ring to be among the best roleplaying games of all time.

Elden Ring fan Drakkaina shared a look at the adorable birthday card she received from her boyfriend, which included a list of stats reminiscent of an in-game character. Similar to other RPGs, the character leveling and skill specializations of Elden Ring allow players to make unique builds to suit different play styles and experiences. Drakkaina's boyfriend decided to use a similar strategy and list a number of stats like vigor, strength, dexterity, and intelligence on her birthday card. The boyfriend cleverly listed Drakkaina's level as 22, as the card was for her 22nd birthday. Also included was a short excerpt, similar to what can be found when reading item descriptions in Elden Ring, which shared a sweet story about the "Tarnished" receiving an "eternal cake" to grant them happiness, health, and wealth.

What Are Good Stats in Elden Ring?

Fellow Elden Ring fans applauded the ingenious card, though some pointed out the humorous numbers chosen for the "player statistics." Namely, many joked that the stats reflect a very low level character, with others finding amusement in the net-zero quantity of "Runes Held" and complete lack of "Faith." According to one comment, the card's stats average out to an approximate Level 13 character, in spite of the noted Level 22.

Drakkaina clarified that her boyfriend has never actually played the game, hence the seemingly random stats in place of an actual Elden Ring build. Amusing stats aside, the Elden Ring community was happy to see a non-fan taking the time to create an original card for a dedicated player, with fun references to the beloved title.

While Soulslike games may be taxing for many, they continue to bring joy to fans around the world. Players who enjoy games like Elden Ring may find themselves spending countless hours focusing on boosting their stats and perfecting their character. As such, it can be a breath of fresh air and some much-needed amusement to see a non-player's take on the RPG intricacies of Elden Ring.

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