Elden Ring Player Makes Fan Art Based on Another Gamer’s Cool Screenshot

A talented Elden Ring fan takes inspiration from another player’s screenshot to produce some amazing art depicting a semi-secret boss.

Elden Ring Player Makes Fan Art Based on Another Gamer's Cool Screenshot


  • One Elden Ring player recently captured an incredibly memorable screenshot of their fight with Astel, Naturalborn of the Void.
  • Their image was promptly turned into an even more dynamic digital painting by a talented artist.

One highly skilled Elden Ring fan has recently taken inspiration from another player's screenshot to produce some immensely impressive artwork of Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Their creative feat adds to the never-ending stream of amazing fan art that Elden Ring has inspired to date.

As is the case with most of FromSoftware's soulslikes, Elden Ring has no shortage of easily missable bosses. The fight against Astel may not be the most meticulously hidden encounter in the game, but it still requires doing a lot of legwork across the Lands Between.

One such trek was recently completed by Reddit user Dm1tr3y, who eventually found themselves staring at this otherworldly creature. During the fight, the player managed to capture a rather incredible screenshot that shows their Tarnished mid-bow draw, all the while Astel is closing in to perform its Cosmic Burst attack. The image promptly ended up on the front page of the game's largest subreddit, garnering over 13,000 upvotes from Elden Ring players in early April.

Talented Artist Makes Amazing Elden Ring Screenshot Even Better

One of the fans impressed by Dm1tr3y's screenshot was Reddit user JinTheJynnn, who liked the shot so much that they decided to recreate it as a digital painting. The end result of their efforts retains the composition of the original screenshot, but spices it up by equipping the Tarnished with something akin to Lightningbone arrows instead of their regular counterparts. By depicting the projectiles as emitting golden light, the artist achieved a greater color contrast between the Tarnished and purple-lit Astel.

Making matters even more impressive is that this amazing piece of Elden Ring fan art was posted almost as soon as the screenshot that inspired it emerged online. Specifically, JinTheJynnn shared it within three and a half hours of informing Dm1tr3y of their intention to recreate the image by hand. All of this almost didn't happen, as the author of the original screenshot described it as a happy accident, explaining that they were simply trying to get a shot of their character drawing a bow when Astel moved in to attack them.

Aside from eliciting widespread praise from the player base, this pair of amazing pictures has also prompted some fans to bemoan the fact that Elden Ring doesn't have a photo mode, which would facilitate the process of capturing impressive imagery of this sort. While it's unlikely that FromSoftware adds such a major feature after all this time, those who want to try their luck with grabbing some dynamic Astel screenshots of their own can find this fearsome boss near the very end of Ranni's long Elden Ring questline.

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