Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – How To Get The Great Jar Helmet

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There are few legends in the Elden Ring community as glorified and revered as Let Me Solo Her, the legendary Tarnished who was able to defeat Malenia hundreds if not thousands of times while wearing nothing but a Jar helmet. In Shadow of the Erdtree, a new Jar helmet is available for Tarnished who want to pay homage to the …adorable… Living Jars, and this legendary player: the Greatjar helmet.

The Elden Ring DLC Greatjar helmet can be found relatively early in the Realm of Shadow, and though its defenses are not that great for how much it weighs, it's worth picking up for the sheer Elden Bling of the piece. But to get it, you'll have to make your way through a new dungeon, through a maze, and make it across a short platforming section hidden just out of sight.

Great Jar Helmet Overview: Stats & Special Effects

 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – How To Get The Great Jar Helmet

A greatjar which fits comfortable over the head when upturned.

Attire of the shamans who perform their worship at gaols.

They offer their prayers to the innards of the greatjars, such that they might be reborn one day into sainthood.

This is the cycle of death and rebirth, taken into the hands of mortal men.

The Greatjar is a unique head armor piece in Shadow of the Erdtree that serves as an upgraded – and significantly, even comically larger – version of the infamous Jar head armor piece. The Greatjar is an enormous helmet, and will look just as bizarrely enormous on a character wearing the full Lionel set as one wearing nothing at all, like the helmet's most famous wearer, Let Me Solo Her.

Physical Defenses



-VS Strike


-VS Slash


-VS Pierce


Elemental Defenses






















The helmet offers pretty meager defenses relative to its incredibly high 12.3 Weight. Despite being sorted high in the inventory, right next to the regular Jar head armor among other light head armors, the Greatjar is anything but light. It weighs almost twice as much as other pieces of head armor with similar stats, but lets not kid ourselves here – if you are equipping the Greatjar helmet, you're not equipping it for its defenses.

It is worth noting that the Shadow of the Erdtree Greatjar helmet does offer a unique buff when worn. Like the smaller Jar, the Greatjar will empower all of your Pot-based items. In addition to regular thrown Jars and Pots from the base game, this affects the new Hefty Pot craftable items in the Elden Ring DLC, which can be especially useful when taking on Furnace Golems.

Where To Find Great Jar Helmet Location

 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – How To Get The Great Jar Helmet

To get the Great Jar Helmet in Shadow of the Erdtree, you must find the Belurat Gaol, a side dungeon found in northwest Gravesite Plain.

Head north from the Three-Path Cross site of grace until you reach the lakebed where the Ghostflame Dragon is resting. Turn and head west to find a runoff where the river leads into a cave. This is the entrance to the Belurat Gaol. Head inside and light the grace, then continue forward.

You will reach an enormous open room – turn left and follow the path linearly until you fall down, as the path will break beneath you.

Continue on this path forward (without entering side rooms) and across a thin stone bridge. Continue through the cave entrance, defeat the jar innard monstrosities that ambush you, try not to think about the disturbing fact that these fleshy tortured horrors are what's stuffed inside the lovable Jar people, then turn left to find another cave entrance.

Walk past the spirit here (but talk to it if you want to learn something about the creation of Living Jars), then jump down the hanging pots in the room beyond to find a lower level with a few Jar Warriors and smaller Jar lads.

Head west to reach another open cave area with a large bridge that leads to what looks like an altar to a gigantic Pot. Cross the bridge to, once again, find the ground break beneath you, dropping the Tarnished into a labyrinthian Jar maze. Make your way to the southeast of this maze to find a path that leads down, then continue past the Jar Warriors and innard enemies to find another semi-open area. Jump over the gap between the two walkable areas, and look for a hanging pot over the side of a cliff's edge. The pot that is parallel with the cliff will take you deeper into the Gaol, while the pot that is lower than you will take you toward the Greatjar helmet. Jump onto the lower pot to activate it and lift you to a level above.

After the Pot lifts to its max height, jump off onto the edge to a pillar to the west, then make your way across more hanging pots to reach the Jar Altar itself. The Greatjar head armor piece Shadow of the Erdtree players can get is found at the base of this Jar Altar. Pick it up, then turn around, head east, then turn south to find another Jar hanging off the side of this altar area. Take this jar down to continue with the rest of the Belurat Gaol.

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