Ella Purnell Warns Fans: Arcane Season 2 Will Be ‘Devastating’

Arcane’s lead, Ella Purnell, hints at an emotionally charged finale, promising fans a gripping and heart-wrenching journey ahead in Season 2.

Ella Purnell Warns Fans: Arcane Season 2 Will Be 'Devastating'


  • Fans eagerly await Arcane Season 2 premiere with a hint from lead Ella Purnell of an emotionally impactful end.
  • Details of Arcane Season 2 narrative shrouded in mystery, but Purnell hints at a devastating finale that will make viewers cry.
  • Speculation on possible storylines includes Vi and Caitlyn teaming up to hunt down Jinx, with a focus on new characters introduced.

Arcane fans have been eagerly anticipating the big premiere of its second season, nearly three years after the premiere of the first. Ella Purnell, the show's lead, recently shared a key detail, hinting that viewers are in for an emotionally impactful end.

Netflix's animated rendition of the popular League of Legends game, Arcane, soared to incredible heights with its first season. With just seven months remaining until the release of Arcane Season 2, details about the upcoming narrative remain shrouded in mystery. However, Ella Purnell, the talented voice behind the series' central character Jinx, has recently revealed a tantalizing detail regarding the show's end.

Amid the promotional buzz surrounding her latest TV show, Fallout, Purnell spoke to TechRadar. While the primary focus of this exclusive interview was not intended to center on Arcane, the actress could not resist slipping a subtle detail about the forthcoming season. Steering clear of any significant spoilers, Purnell hinted that viewers, much like herself, are in for an emotionally gripping experience when they reach the finale of the show.

While careful not to divulge any significant spoilers, Purnell disd that her recollection of the upcoming season's plot is somewhat hazy, given the two-year gap since her involvement. However, she shared: "I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR [automated dialog replacement] for the season 2 finale – and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It's devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it." Her hint suggests that fans should brace themselves for an emotionally charged journey in Season 2, advising them to have tissues handy for the rollercoaster of emotions.

Of course, her reply does not directly reveal details about the season's overall storyline, but it does hint at the possible conclusion of Jinx's and Vi's story. However, this is purely speculative as there are currently no fully confirmed plot details available. In a 2022 clip featuring character voiceovers, it is confirmed that Vi and Caitlyn will return, teaming up to hunt down Jinx. This indicates that the second season will likely continue from the climactic finale of the first. Additionally, the first teaser released in January suggests a different focus, possibly on the mad alchemist Singed and his augmented, wolf-like creation Warwick, both briefly introduced in the first season. Warwick, a character familiar to League players, may have connections to the former rebellion leader Vander, although this remains uncertain.

Arcane Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix in November 2024.

Source: TechRadar

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