Fallout 4: How to Loot the Prydwen Armory

Fallout 4’s Prydwen Armory is hard to get into. Here’s everything you need to know about sneaking in.

Fallout 4: How to Loot the Prydwen Armory

Fallout 4 is one of Bethesda's biggest IPs, and it is chock-full of entertainment for fans. There are endless possibilities, whether players want to join factions, build settlements, look for secret locations, or just travel the world to see what happened during the war.

One faction that players can join is the Brotherhood of Steel. This faction originally worked to help survivors acclimate to their new homes; however, it slowly became a military force. The faction has noble goals, but their techniques are not. During their questline, players can enter the Prydwen and loot its armory; here's how.

Prydwen Armory Location, Explained


The Prydwen is part of the Brotherhood of Steel questline and acts as one of their headquarters. It is a ship that the Brotherhood created that flies above the Commonwealth. Players will first be introduced to the ship during the main story quest,Reunions. The Prydwen will land at the Boston Airport in this quest, allowing players to finally get on the massive airship. From there, players can enter the ship via the airport, while also unlocking the ship as a fast-travel location once they have been on it.

Once onboard the Prydwen, players will want to know everything the ship offers. The ship has four main areas: the flight deck, command deck, main deck, and forecastle. Each area is complete with NPCs, areas to explore, and even some merchants. Players will spend most of the time on the main deck, where places such as the armory can be found.

How To Get Inside Prydwen Armory


Proctor Teagan's Armory (or the Prydwen Armory) is located on the main deck's middle level toward the north. This armory holds items such as an X-01 Power Armor Helmet, Gauss Rifle, Fat Man, a couple of mini-nukes, a fusion core, and some ammo. Thankfully, getting into the Prydwen Armory isn't difficult at all; players just need to either hack a master terminal, lockpick a master lock, pickpocket the key, or use an exploit.

The terminal and door for the Armory are right beside Proctor Teagan. All players need to do is either one or the other to get the door to open. However, the door is marked as owned, so players need to ensure they are not caught doing anything. Unfortunately, a good portion of players won't be able to do either of these due to a lack of skill.

If hacking and lockpicking don't work, players can steal the key from a Brotherhood Knight-Captain. This NPC will be found walking around the main deck of the Prydwen. All players will need to do is approach the NPC, sneak up on him, and pickpocket the key from him. Then, take the key back to the Armory and use it on the door. Remember, players will not want to get caught doing any of this.

The final way to enter the Armory is by using an exploit. Players have found that if you enter into V.A.T.S. (press the Q button if on PC), they can have their player attack Proctor Teagan with their fists. Before actually hitting him, players can cancel the attack and will be transported into the Armory. While a lot of players have noted that this works, it is extremely difficult to do if players haven't done it before. Make sure to save before trying this trick, just in case.

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