Fallout 4 Player Finds Heartbreaking Scene

A Fallout 4 player randomly finds a heartbreaking scene while exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Bethesda’s classic RPG.

Fallout 4 Player Finds Heartbreaking Scene


  • A player discovers a heartbreaking scene in Fallout 4: a cat near its potential owner's skeleton.
  • Cats can play a strange role in Fallout.
  • Fallout 4 is gaining popularity, and Fallout 76 has peaked in player count.

A Fallout 4 player has recently discovered a heartbreaking scene: a cat looking at the skeleton of its possible former owner. The open world of Fallout 4 is filled with captivating moments, and this one evoked a heartbreaking feeling on the gamer who shared it on social media.

Ever since the release of the Fallout TV show, Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic open-world series has been quickly rising in popularity. Not only did Fallout 76 just hit its all-time player peak, but many gamers are returning to Fallout 4 and still finding interesting stories to tell.

Now, a Fallout 4 player called FaithlessnessNo3342 has shared a sad scene on social media. They were exploring Fallout 4’s world when they discovered a heartbreaking scene of a single cat looking quietly at a skeleton. Not only is this a sad scene for invoking the idea that the skeleton may belong to the cat’s owner and implying that the feline has remained loyal over the years, but also because the cat does not have an owner, and it’s impossible to adopt cats in Fallout 4. In the comments of FaithlessnessNo3342’s post, however, some people argued that the skeleton could belong to a person who died 200 years ago, so it was unlikely that it was the cat’s owner. Unfortunately, neither hypothesis was confirmed.

Weird stories featuring cats are not all uncommon in Fallout 4. Some time ago, for instance, one Fallout 4 player found a weird house full of cats in Diamond City. At the time, the gamer discovered a locked room located in the Hawthorne Residence with several cats inside, as well as three paintings featuring cats.

The community’s love for cats could also be seen recently in the story of a Fallout gamer who made a Power Armor for their cat. This fan created an impressive and cute armor for their best friend, redesigning the official Power Armor design of Fallout 4 to fit a cat perfectly, and achieving quite an adorable result.

A New Fallout 4 Update Is Coming Up in April

It’s currently an excellent time to be interested in the Fallout franchise. Not only has the new series been quite popular since its release, but Bethesda recently announced a new update for Fallout 4. The next-gen update will improve the experience of playing Fallout 4 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, allowing the game to run at 60 FPS with improved resolution, and also fixing some bugs. According to Bethesda, the update will be available on April 25.

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