Fallout 4 Radroach Gets ‘Armor’ in Unexpected Way

One Fallout 4 player has a hilariously unlucky encounter with a determined Radroach that’s equipped with its own surprising set of armor.

Fallout 4 Radroach Gets 'Armor' in Unexpected Way


  • Radroaches in Fallout 4 can be unexpectedly tough, as one player found out when it unexpectedly armored itself with a metal waste bin.
  • The encounter with the armored Radroach was intense and funny, showcasing the unpredictable and adrenaline-pumping nature of the game.
  • Facing off against mutated enemies like Radroaches in Fallout 4 can be both scary and entertaining, making for memorable gameplay moments.

While playing Fallout 4, one player experienced an unlucky encounter with a Radroach that managed to armor itself in a hilariously unexpected way. In Fallout 4, Radroaches are crawling over every corner of the world and need to be dealt with immediately, but this player had a trickier time with extermination than usual.

The world of Fallout 4 is filled with plenty of terrifying, mutated threats waiting to attack, and Radroaches can be some of the nastiest enemies to deal with for those who are prone to fearing bugs. As the name suggests, Radroaches are giant cockroaches that have been mutated by post-war radiation. Although they may not be the most dangerous threat players will encounter in Fallout 4, they can be incredibly quick and startling to come across when one isn't properly prepared to face them.

A Reddit user known as _Mems_ shared a hilarious, but also heart-stopping, encounter with a Radroach that seemingly used a metal waste bin as a makeshift suit of armor. As _Mems_ is getting ready to shoot the Radroach, it runs into the waste bin, saving it from being shot by the player's bullets. Fights with Radroaches can be intense, and this clip is a great example of how sweat-inducing facing one sometimes is, even if it was seemingly a coincidence.

Fallout 4 Player Faces 'Armored' Radroach

Once the player's shots completely fail to damage the Radroach, _Mems_ immediately bails on trying to finish off the radiated bug, quickly fleeing as the Radroach chases ly behind. The 20-second clip cuts out before it can ever be known whether _Mems_ managed to kill the Radroach or not, but it seems like running away was the best plan of action. There have been some harrowing encounters in Fallout 4, but coming face-to-face with a Radroach wearing DIY trash can armor was probably not something this player expected to come across.

Thanks to the new live-action TV series, the Fallout franchise is seeing a huge surge in popularity. Whether one is a new player or returning to experience the world once again, the various threats and enemy encounters that are faced in the games can really get the adrenaline pumping. It's hard not to find this unlucky Radroach encounter funny, but many who have come across an aggressive Radroach are also fully aware of just how scary it can be. Although the player's fate is uncertain, hopefully they were able to somehow blast through this Radroach's seemingly impenetrable armor.

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