Fallout 4 Simone Fight Ends in the Most Ridiculous Way Possible


  • A glitch in Fallout 4 causes a combat encounter to end with Simone spinning in a trash can.
  • Despite flaws, Bethesda's unique bugs and magic moments showcase the charm of their games.

A Fallout 4 player online has discovered a strange glitch, which causes a combat encounter with Wolfgang's bodyguard, Simone, to end in the most ridiculous way possible. While Simone plays an extremely small role in Fallout 4, she undoubtedly plays a huge role in one of the most bizarre bugs ever found in the game.

There is seemingly no end to the crazy bugs players are discovering in Fallout 4. Almost a decade after the game was released, Bethesda's open-world RPG continues to deliver entertaining bugs, thanks to its versatile sandbox, which can go wrong from time to time. After all, it's a Bethesda game, which are renowned for their number of strange bugs. One recent Fallout 4 glitch allowed players to shoot giant exclamation points, which looks every bit as odd as it sounds. With Fallout 4 more popular than it has been in years at the moment, gamers should expect more issues like this to be found in the coming months.

Redditor Parking-Law-3940 shared the strange issue, which begins like any normal Fallout 4 fight. However, to finish the combat encounter, the player uses a melee finisher, which forces Simone into a trash can. Fallout 4's physics engine simply doesn't know how to handle the situation, and Simone, crushed into the trash can, begins to spin "like one of them teacup rides," as one user in the thread puts it. Simone does stop spinning eventually, but at that point, it has already become another strange Fallout 4 clip showcasing exactly why Bethesda games are so unpredictable at times.

Fallout 4 Spinning Simone Death Glitch

One player in the thread described the situation as "the epitome of Bethesda magic," and it's hard to argue with that assessment. As much as the studio has been releasing fantastic games for decades now, the level of polish has always been up for debate, even in the best Bethesda games. In a way, it's hard to want the developer to change in this regard. After all, these moments of magic wouldn't be possible in a physics engine that worked perfectly, and it doesn't exactly break the game.

It's exciting to think about where Bethesda might take the Fallout franchise next. With the success of the Fallout TV show, the developer has a new audience of fans ready to immerse themselves in the next iteration of the RPG series. While the studio is yet to discuss plans for a potential Fallout 5, Bethesda does want to release games at a quicker rate, so it's possible that the next iteration of its post-apocalyptic IP may not follow the usual Bethesda release schedule. Only time will tell, either way.

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