Fallout 76: Best Mole Rat Locations

In Fallout 76, Mole Rats are skittish creatures that hide under the ground; this guide explains how to hunt them down despite their tricky nature.

Fallout 76: Best Mole Rat Locations

Mole Rats are mutated moles in Fallout 76 that typically inhabit tunnels and dark, humid locations. Although they are not essential resources, players often attempt to farm them when faced with Weekly Challenges that require their defeat. In this guide, you’ll discover the best spawn locations for Mole Rats and receive tips on how to efficiently farm them.

Where to Find Mole Rats in Fallout 76

Fallout 76: Best Mole Rat Locations

The ideal locations for farming Mole Rats are Green Country Lodge and the Welch Station. These spots guarantee up to six Mole Rat spawns. However, as a general rule, players should explore the southwestern parts of Appalachia for these creatures.

Given their skittish behavior, Mole Rats are commonly found in mines. For instance, you can encounter a herd of Mole Rats in the Lucky Hole Mine and Carleton Mine. Other reliable spawn locations include the Riverside Manor (near the Torrance House) and the Hillfolk Hotdogs (south of Sunshine Meadows Industrial Farm).

Best Spawn Locations for Mole Rats

  • Green Country Lodge: Located outside the small inn north of the Vault-Tec Agricultural Research Center. You can typically find at least three Mole Rats here, often near the lodge’s entrance.
  • Welch Station: Situated south of the Mount Blair Trainyard, on the railroad. You’ll encounter five to six Mole Rats on and around the abandoned railroad at Welch Station.
  • Riverside Manor: Found east of the Charleston Capitol Building. Two Mole Rats commonly spawn around the manor.
  • Lucky Hole Mine: Located southwest of Fort Defiance, inside the mine. Mole Rats spawn in the tunnels, but be prepared to battle Cultists as well if you venture here.
  • Carleton Mine: Situated west of the Palace of the Winding Path. A group of Mole Rats wanders in and out of the mine.

Tips for Farming Mole Rats

Fallout 76: Best Mole Rat Locations

To kill more Mole Rats, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use instakill weapons. Opt for weapons that can kill Mole Rats instantly. Gradual-damage weapons may cause Mole Rats to die while underground, making it impossible to retrieve their corpses.
  • Server-hop for more rats. Switch servers by returning to the main menu and rejoining the game. This allows you to farm Mole Rats in the same locations across different servers.
  • Stay on the ground. Mole Rats tend to hide underground when you’re on an object or inaccessible spot. To lure them to the surface, remain on the ground where they can easily detect you.

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