Fallout 76 Breaks 5th All-Time Player Record in 6 Days

Fallout 76 is blowing up for the second week in a row, having just surpassed one of its key player records for the fifth time in six days.

Fallout 76 Breaks 5th All-Time Player Record in 6 Days


  • Fallout 76 has hit an all-time concurrent Steam player record of 51,853 on April 19.
  • This is the fifth time that the game broke this record in the past six days.

Fallout 76 has hit yet another all-time player record on Steam. Nearly 52,000 Fallout 76 players were online at the same time on April 19, with the game consequently breaking its concurrent Steam player record for the fifth time since the turn of the month.

The live-service RPG has been blowing up since Amazon's Fallout TV show premiered on April 10. Its player count on Steam has more than tripled immediately following the Prime Video series' premiere, with its momentum still showing no signs of slowing down.

Fallout 76 Momentum Showing No Signs of Slowing Down

The game experienced yet another historic high on April 19, when its number of simultaneous Steam players reached 51,853. This is the fifth time that Fallout 76 has hit an all-time concurrent player peak on Valve's platform in the past six days. Its PC player base grew by over 31% since that initial peak. Last Monday, April 15, has so far been the only day this week on which the RPG failed to beat its concurrent Steam player record. That's according to the publicly available data scrapped by SteamDB.

Fallout 76 All-Time Concurrent Steam Players Record History


Concurrent Players

May 16, 2020


April 14, 2024


April 16, 2024


April 17, 2024


April 18, 2024


April 19, 2024


Steam is not the only platform on which the game is presently experiencing a resurgence; Fallout 76 has also been blowing up on Xbox consoles since mid-April, having hit its highest player engagement since 2022. Although the release of its TV show tie-in is widely accepted as the driving factor behind this popularity surge, it is ostensibly not the only thing feeding into the ongoing Fallout craze. Another move that likely helped amplify the game's current momentum arrived in the form of a recent week-long sale that saw Bethesda discount the RPG by 80%, matching its lowest-ever price of $7.99. The offer was available across all platforms, including the PlayStation Store.

Amazon didn't just help market the series with its critically acclaimed TV adaptation; the tech giant has also been gifting Fallout 76 codes to Prime subscribers since mid-April. That particular freebie, available in the form of an Xbox or Microsoft Store code, will remain available to claim until May 15. While Fallout 76 doesn't support cross-platform multiplayer, all of its PC versions still belong to a single ecosystem. Someone who got a Microsoft Store version of the game as part of their Prime Gaming perks can hence play with friends who bought the RPG on Steam.

Other Fallout games have also been experiencing a popularity surge since the release of Amazon's TV series. E.g., Fallout 4 has reappeared at the top of the European physical and digital sales charts earlier this week, eight and a half years since its original launch.

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