Fallout 76: Cultist Locations

In Fallout 76, Cultists might spawn in the most random locations, but these are the best spots for farming them.

Fallout 76: Cultist Locations

Cultists in Fallout 76 are the Followers of the Winged One Cult. They are characterized by their hostile nature and savage battle techniques, often employing melee and sneak attacks. Many players find themselves needing to farm them when confronted with a Weekly Challenge requiring the defeat of multiple Cultists. For others, eliminating these peculiar enemies adds to the enjoyment of exploring Appalachia. In this guide, you’ll discover where to search for Cultists and learn about their spawn locations in the current update of the game.

Where to Find Cultists

Fallout 76: Cultist Locations

The best locations to find Cultists are Point Pleasant and Lucky Hole Mines. In Point Pleasant, explore the vicinity of the Mothman Museum, while in Lucky Hole Mines, delve into the underground tunnels. By clearing these two areas, you can farm at least ten to fifteen Cultists.

If you’re unable to locate Cultists in the suggested locations, return to the main menu and switch to a new server. Repeat this process until the enemies spawn.

Reliable Cultist Spawn Locations:

  • Point Pleasant: The Mothman Church is occupied by dozens of Cultists. Server-hopping and clearing this location is the best method for farming members of The Winged One Cult.
  • Lucky Hole Mines: The area around and inside the mine is patrolled by Cultists. However, it may take longer to locate and engage with all enemies here. The underground area is expansive, and the Cultists are scattered around random spots.
  • Kanawha Church in the Kanawha Country Cemetery. A group of Cultists often wanders around this area. You can easily sneak behind them and take them out, as there are only a few of them around.
  • Clancy Manor. There’s a Cultist Camp that’s been around since the Wastelanders update. (Enemies in this stronghold can exceed twenty.)

Cultists can be encountered in small groups at random locations on the map.

Events That Spawn Cultists

Fallout 76: Cultist Locations

Cultists are the main enemies in The Mothman Equinox event. During this seasonal quest, Cultists and their High Priests occupy Point Pleasant, and you are tasked with killing all of them in ten minutes. Specifically, you will need to slaughter six Cultist Prophets and destroy their totems to conclude the mission.

There’s also a Weekly Challenge in Fallout 76 that requires players to take out 30 Cultists. This quest does not affect the Cultists’ spawn rates, and you will still need to hunt them down by searching spawn locations.

How to Get the Cultist Outfit

Fallout 76: Cultist Locations

The Cultist Outfit and Helmet (Adept Robe and Adept Hood) can be obtained by participating in the Mothman Equinox event. You can either unlock the outfits’ plans and craft them, or find pieces of them to assemble one.

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