Fallout 76: How To Craft Ammo

Ammo is always going to be tight in Fallout 76. Making your own can make that problem less of a hassle.

Fallout 76: How To Craft Ammo

In a post-apocalyptic world full of mutants and monsters, bullets are always going to be in demand. Even the best guns in Fallout 76 become worthless without ammunition, and players will want to do everything they can to make sure they stay stocked up.

Ammo will almost always be hard to come by, especially if you're using a gun from Fallout 76's list of automatic weapons. If your stockpile is running low, here's a guide covering how you can make your own ammo from scratch.

How To Make More Ammo in Fallout 76

Fallout 76: How To Craft Ammo

The first thing you need to do is to find or make a Tinker's Workbench, then find the necessary materials to make ammo. You get the plans for it after completing the Second Helpings quest in the main storyline where you learn the basics of survival in Flatwoods. Tinker's Workbenches contain plans for all ammo types, including energy weapons in Fallout 76.

Once you get the plans, you'll be able to place a Tinker's Workbench in your CAMP after collecting the following materials:

  • Aluminum x8
  • Gear x5
  • Oil x7
  • Screw x4
  • Spring x4

The Ammosmith perk under Agility will increase crafted ammo yields by up to 80%. If you pair this with the Super Duper perk under Luck, you'll have a chance to gain double crafting yields.

Ammo Ingredients & Where To Find Them

Fallout 76: How To Craft Ammo

Most ammo types require only lead and gunpowder. If you're going to make conventional ammunition in bulk, you'll want to place your CAMP near a good source of lead. The Lucky Hole Mine is one of the best lead deposit locations in Fallout 76 — consider setting up your base here if you can deal with the surrounding enemies. Take note that to use Lead Ore for crafting, you must first turn them into Lead Scrap at a Chemistry Station.

The weight plates found in gyms are also great sources of lead, assuming you can carry them all. The gyms in the Charleston Fire Department and Green Country Lodge in Flatwoods are great spots since they both have nearby workbenches.

Fallout 76: How To Craft Ammo

Gunpowder can be found as randomly-spawning junk in the world or on dead bodies. Super Mutants tend to drop a lot of Unrefined Gunpowder when killed — you can find tons of them at the West Tek Research Center in the Savage Divide. If you would rather make your own Gunpowder, you can craft some at a Chemistry Station using Acid and Cloth.

Ammo for energy weapons require different materials. While some still require lead, they also need other ingredients like Plastic or Copper. You'll have to scrap junk you pick up from the world to get these. Make sure to tag these materials in your Tinker's Workbench — this way, a magnifying glass icon will appear next to the names of items that contain the stuff you need.

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