Fallout 76: How to Get Medium Supply Crate

The Medium Supply Crate in Fallout 76 can only be obtained from one particular vendor. Here’s where you can find its plan.

Fallout 76: How to Get Medium Supply Crate

Medium Supply Crates in Fallout 76 are much larger than your normal crates, allowing players to stash more items at their Camp. Although this item used to be much easier to obtain as it was a Battle Royale reward from the Nuclear Winter Update in the past, there is only one method for obtaining it now.

To get a Medium Supply Crate, players will need to find an uncommon vendor who is the only one selling the plans to craft the exclusive item. Although she won't show up frequently, we will show you how you can find her and get the crate you're looking for.

How to Get Medium Supply Crate in Fallout 76


To get the plan to craft a Medium Supply Crate, you will need to visit the vendor Minerva. She is a traveling Gold Bullion vendor, so she will not always be in the same spot. At the moment, you can find her at the Foundation, an area of vendors located near the Spruce Knob. You can find it in the southeastern section of the map.

Minerva will be in the exterior region of the Foundation, on the right side, with a blue tent. Approach her and choose Trade, where you can purchase the Medium Supply Crate plan for 750 Gold Bullions.

If you're wondering how to get Gold Bullions, it is a currency that is available through:

  • Completing Secrets Revealed quest
  • Trading in Treasury Notes from public events and daily quests at gold press machines
  • Purchasing from Smiley at the Wayward for 1,000 Caps for 50 Gold Bullions

Fallout 76: How to Get Medium Supply Crate

Make sure to complete any daily quests or public events that pop up for you so you can earn some Treasury Notes. Then, you can visit a gold press machine to get Gold Bullions in return. There is one gold press machine in the Foundation, near the Underground Headquarters Elevator.

How to Craft Medium Supply Crate in Fallout 76


After you get the plan for the Medium Supply Crate, you will need:

  • 2x Steel
  • 2x Wood Scraps

Both of these are relatively easy resources to obtain. To get some wood scraps, you can visit logging camps like Sylvie & Sons Logging Camp. This area is in the northeastern section of the map, and you'll find a couple of green tents in the area with some wood piles outside.

For Steel, you can get steel scraps from defeated protectrons or from scrapping ballistic weapons. To find a consistent stream of protectrons, you can visit the Morgantown Airport, found in the center of the map and east of Vault 76.

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